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Visit Mexico From Us

Sandra asks…

What data plans are available for iPhones in Mexico?

For those living in or visiting Mexico with unlocked (non-AT&T) iPhones what does data cost? What plans / packages are available? Is there an unlimited option like in the US?

Tijuana answers:


I paid almost MXN$1,350 (which is about $120 American) for both data and voice. Movistar did not offer unlimited data as of three months ago when I stayed in Tijuana, B.C.

IPhones use GSM and so does Movistar and Telcel. Movistar was a little more than Telcel but Telcel did not work that well in my area. Telcel charges MXN$579 for unlimited data (that’s about US$50). I checked the web.

Jenny asks…

What papers are being accepted from the US while passports are still in progress?

I need to find out from people who have recently visited from Mexico, what papers are the US borders accepting while passports are still being transmitted. For ex: passport receipts, birth certificate, i.d. picture…etc? Or are they charging any fines for not having the passports on time?

Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

If it were me I would have the passport receipt AND birth certificate.

Laura asks…

Can I drive alone with a Driving permit and a Mexican driver license?

Well I’m 18 and a permanent resident in the US and I got my driver license when I went to visit Mexico and I recently got my drivers permit in California but it says you have to drive with someone else with a drivers license. Since I technically have one but not from the state can I still drive without a problem from the authority? I plan to take my driving test this month.

Tijuana answers:

You mexican license is no good because you are not a Mexican resident. Your license and permit must be issued by the state of your legal residence. Check the Ca. DMV website to see what the rules are for your permit.

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