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Visit Mexico From Us

Donald asks…

How do I redeem Mexican Lottery tickets from the US?

We visited Mexico in April. For fun, we bought some Mexican Lottery tickets. We didn’t have a chance to look up the results before leaving. We looked them up online today…and I’m a ganador (winner)! I won 500 pesos ($40). How can I claim my prize from the US?

Tijuana answers:

I don’t believe it is possible to redeem Mexican Lottery Tickets in the United States, if you really want the money go back to mexico to redeem them.

Joseph asks…

My parents fled Laos to a Thai refugee camp where I was born. We were sent to US. How do I get a passport?

So, I don’t believe I’m a citizen of Thailand and definitely not one of Laos. I’m currently a permanent resident alien here in America. I have no idea how I am supposed to be able to travel when I’m not able to get a passport. I just want to visit Mexico with family and friends. Please help! If you have any information on how I am to get a passport, please let me know.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Tijuana answers:

Untill you become US citizen you can travel with your green card.Ofcourse I belive so you was born in Thailand then you should applied from them for passport.The best thing call the Thailand Embassy in the US.

Ken asks…

This is a serious question: what documents are necessary for an American to go to the Middle East?

I mean, like the last time I went from the US to visit Mexico, there were no necessary documents or ID or anything necessary to go into Mexico, but to return to the US, I needed at least a Drivers License. I know it’s same continent, and was before 9/11. But what are rules in say, Lebanon, or Syria, or Kuwait? Somewhere like that (not Israel per se), but is someone knows?……..

Tijuana answers:

It’s different requirements for different countries. Check the respective countries’ embassies in the US websites.

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