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Visit Mexico From Us

John asks…

Is it difficult for illegally entered mexicans to return to mexico?

My boyfriend entered the U.S. illegally. After we marry next year, we plan to hire an immigration attorney to get permanent residency for him. We plan on visiting Mexico next year…is it difficult to return back to Mexico? Are any papers needed?

Tijuana answers:

No. He is legal there.

I assume that he has some kind of documentation that he is native there, just in case they don’t believe him.
The Mexican government is not a nice about other people sneaking in as the US government is.

Paul asks…

can you visit canada and mexico with a felony in the US?

my friend n i are planning to visit canada or mexico n wonder if he can cross the boader with a drug felony. he’s done with probation 2 years ago. when he was on probation his po said that he can get a passport n go anywhere but some people said he cant.

Tijuana answers:

To enter Canada he will need to get a waiver (Called a “certificate of rehabilitation”) from the Canadian immigration authorities. If he has a felony drug conviction and only finished his sentence 2 years ago this is not going to happen – the minimum wait is five years.

The application fee for a certificate is between $200 – $1,000 depending on the offense, and if they deny the application you do not get the fee back.

The rules for Mexico are more flexible. First, if you drive into Mexico, they don’t even check ID. If you fly in, though, they do. Mexican immigration officials ‘rarely’ check criminal records of americans even at the airports. If they do, the officer has discretion as to whether to let you in or not. If he does, there is no “official” fee to do so….. But this is Mexico, that does not mean you’re not going to have to pay.


Sandra asks…

What do English, Welsh, Northern Irish, or Scottish people think of Mexicans?

I have read in the Mexican press that fewer tourists from the British Isles are visiting Mexico. Why is this? Is it due to fears over the violence that Mexico has been experiencing?

How can Mexico effectively market itself within the UK?

Tijuana answers:

I would imagine that any decline in the numbers of tourists would mostly be due to the poorer economic conditions in the UK. To be honest, Mexico doesn’t figure on most peoples’ mental maps as a holiday destination – it’s a long way from the UK, and only people who are quite wealthy would be able to afford to go there. For most people who want a sunny holiday in a Spanish-speaking country, Spain is a lot nearer. Not that I wouldn’t love to be able to visit the Aztec sites if I could afford it…

As to your question about what we think about Mexicans, we certainly don’t have any prejudices like los estadounidenses do – most of us have never met a Mexican, I think the only ones I’ve spoken to were a group of four young men from Guadalajara who I met in a queue for a train in London in 1984, who were very pleasant – one of them gave me a 10 peso coin as a souvenir, which I think I still have somewhere (I think your currency’s been revalued once or twice since then, but it had an Aztec animal head on it, if I remember properly).

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