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Visit Mexico From Us

John asks…

Do you need a passport to visit Mexico?

I am planning a trip in April and would like to go to Mexico. Im getting mixed answers from people about whether or not we need passports? We are driving of that makes a difference.

Tijuana answers:

Only if you want to get back into the US, otherwise no

Daniel asks…

Why do we need a passport as US citizens in order to travel and return here?

We now have to have passports if we are visiting Canada or Mexico in order to return to the US. WHY DON’T THE ILLEGALS HAVE TO HAVE ANYTHING AND WALK RIGHT IN?
We have SS cards, we have state ID’s, we have birth certificates. That is not proof enough that we belong here. We now have another additional requirement that illegals are not required to have. No more excuses on how hard it was for them to get here. They should have came here the right way and waited their turn and they would need no excuses.

Tijuana answers:

To enter another country, they require your passport to establish your presence there legally.
To return, it establishes that you are indeed allowed to legally re-enter.
I’m glad it’s now required for Canada and Mexico. Those who can feign American accents and flash easily made fake ID’s will find it harder to obtain passports the way they are now designed and find it harder to enter via air or other forms of public transport.
As for the illegals sneaking in, well…they are illegal and sneaky.
Do you expect them to have a passport?

Joseph asks…

can i anyone recommend a cruise to mexico that allows enough time to vist the mayan pyramids?

my gf and i want to take a cruise to mexico (both of us clueless on cruises) and want the nice scenic beach stops but also an opportunity to visit the pyramids. suggestions or advice would be most welcome!

Tijuana answers:

If you want to see the Mayan runs, like Chichen Itza or Tulum, you need to take a cruise that goes to the Western Caribbean and has a port stop in Cozumel (or Cancun). Go to cruise line web sites and search for tours/excursions from the Cozumel port stop. Chitchen Itza is the best place and it is a huge place with a pyramid and acres of Mayan ruins around it. You can get tours to Chichen Itza from Cancun or from Cozumel. The Tulum site is not as large as Chichen Itza. If you do this tour from a cruise ship I recommend that you do the tour that the ship offers because from Cancun to the ruins is about an hour’s bus ride each way on the highway. If you go from Cozumel you will have added to another hour ferry ride from Cozumel to the mainland and then the bus ride.

We did the Chichen Itza tour from Cancun a few years ago; we used a company called Best Day.

Another Mayan ruins tour is to Tulum. Here’s a link to the tour that Carnival Cruise line does to Tulum:

Royal Caribbean also does Tulum tours:;jsessionid=0000QDga3NLrXj_IyWKe7aFiTGi:12hdhu6tq?ProductCode=CZH5&DestinationCode=CARIB&sourcePage=shorexByTypePortDest&ActivityTypeId=1

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