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Visit Mexico From Us

Lisa asks…

Traveling back from MEXICO to US, what papers are they accepting if you dont have passport?

I need to find out from people who have recently visited from Mexico, what papers are the US borders accepting while passports are still being transmitted. For ex: passport receipts, birth certificate, i.d. picture…etc? Or are they charging any fines for not having the passports on time?

Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

They are going through a transition and so far are being lenient. As long as you can prove your status you can avoid being “Waterboarded”

You will be given a stern warning to get a passport or you may be held and fined the next time. Having a copy of an application will put a smile on the face of the agent I am sure.

Steven asks…

What should the US and its citizens do to help Mexico improve financial conditions for the average person?

Just curious. I’ve been against the illegal immigrants (who come mostly from Mexico for economic opportunity) feeling they are hurting the US economy and burdening the taxpayers(you can check my answers). Common replies have been for the Mexican citizen to fight/revolt but I know our government doesn’t want that for fear of a socialist/ strong anti-American neighbor on our border. What can we or our government do to keep a good relationship with our neighbor to the south while helping the average person financially thereby eliminating the desire for so many to come to the US for better economic opportunities? I keep (successfully) encouraging people to visit Mexico and spending their tourist dollars there while I remain oppossed to the immigrants who are illegally entering the country; I know it sounds contradictary. Any suggestions??

Tijuana answers:

Your question should be what should the US do for its citizents to improve the conditions for the average US citizen living in the US.
We must take care of home first.

George asks…

Do I need Mexican citizenship to move to Mexico from the US?

I’ve noticed quite a few Mexicans coming to the US to work for 6 months and then move back to Mexico for the winter with their saved earnings. Personally I think this is a great idea having visited Mexico before with its cheap prices and its wonderfull climate. So do I need some type of permit for a period of time or can I just do it illegally? Is it difficult to get a Mexican greencard?

Tijuana answers:


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