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Visit Mexico In December

Lizzie asks…

What is a good time to visit Mexico?

Hi, I want to visit Mexico and I want to know what part of the year is good. I want to avoid the following:

a) Peak and tourist season, in order to avoid crowds.
b) Bad weather. I want sun, not rain.

Thanks in advance.

oh, and I’m visiting Mexico City and Chiapas. Any places there that you recommend?

Tijuana answers:

The rainy season in Mexico is roughly June to October. It doesn’t rain all the time, just a cooling shower nearly every day. The hottest weather is usually April and May before the rainy season starts. The coolest is usually December – February. Chiapas is cooler than many areas of Mexico. I don’t know what the peak tourist seasons are for either area, but I would expect it is during the best weather.

Richard asks…

Places to visit in Ottawa- December 1st week.?

I am planning to visit ottawa in december first week to meet a friend of mine who recently moved there. I am planning to be there for a week’s time. My online searches doesn’t get me much info on places which i can visit in december. I am planning to rent a car there as it will be really cold and transportation would be a bit if problem with the weather. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

In December in Canada, we are gearing up for the holiday season, and so there does not tend to be any big festivals or events that get planned for that period. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do.

At the Lac Leamy Casino across the river in Gatineau, there will be the “Elvis Experience” where you will get to see two dozen impersonators highlighting Elvis’ music and 70’s shows.

Hockey will be in full swing, with the Senators playing in their arena in Kanata, just a 10-15 minutes west of town.

The Bytown Museum has an exhibit of Mexican art and culture called “Mexico Fantastico”. The Canadian Museum of Civilization will have its exhibit on voodoo and Haitian culture. The Canadian War Museum showcases the men and women who fought in the various wars that Canada has been involved in. Their exhibit at that time will be about the relocation of Japanese Canadians during WWII.

I’m not sure what type of music and events you are into, so the link below shows a variety of things you might check out.

It will be too soon for the Rideau Canal skating rink, and no big events going on, so I would recommend you check out the museums, try a few good restaurants, take in a hockey game, and mainly spend time with your friend. Maybe they can show you some well kept secret local places for shopping or dining.

Chris asks…

Suggestions/Recommendations on visiting cities in Mexico?

Hello, I’m thinking about visiting/backpacking through Mexico for a couple of weeks in late December early January. I hear that the weather is pretty nice there. Anyway, I was thinking what are some good places to visit in this lovely country. Also, will it be easy to find cheap hostels or hotels? I will probably go on this journey alone, which I will find even more exciting. Anyway, is pretty safe for loaners? Please leave some input of anykind (preferably if you’ve been there yourself). Don’t bash the country or the people please just be honest. Thanks. P.S. and Leave cities or towns suggestions that I should visit.
Also, I’m on a budget which means I don’t have a bajillion dollars, So if you could keep that in mind with your suggestions, I’d appreciate it.

Tijuana answers:

In the center the nights can be cold because of the elevation. It’s usually not to bad but bring along a sweater or light jacket.

Since you want to go cheaply, get a copy of Let’s Go Mexico. There are a number of websites that list and rate hostels. One examople is

I travel extensively in Mexico (19 states), but have only stayed at a hostel once and can highly recommend Villa Colonial in Zacatecas, one of the most interesting cities in Mexico.

I have never stayed there, but Iron House Hostel in San Miguel de Allende is very good. I know the owner.

Recommendations would depend on your interests.

The cities of Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and Queretaro fit nicely into itineraries because they are close together and each is a special place. Guanajuato and Queretaro are also especially lively places at night.

Staying to a limited area would mean not speding a lot of time on buses and it would save the cost of long distance buses.

See my website for info on the bus system.

You may enjoy some of my photos of Mexico at

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