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Visit Mexico In December

Robert asks…

Any interesting places to visit in Mexico City, MX?

I’m going to Mexico in December with my son and my mom. We have 1 stop in Mexico City, but its a 7 hour wait b4 we get on the connecting flight to Aguascalientes, MX. I want to go look around and site see in Mexico City for those 7 hours. The last time I went to MX was when I was 2 yrs old, so of course I’m completely oblivious to how or what its like over there. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do or see in Mexico city that wouldnt take more than 7 hours AND is child-friendly(since my son is only 3). I would LOVE to show him new and interesting things and places and I’ve tried looking online but there not as specific as to what a certain place or event entails and if its close to the airport. I already tried looking up tours and there is a few but not within the time frame that I’d be there. Can anyone help plz.
My time in Mexico City will be from 1pm – 8pm

Tijuana answers:

Too bad you won’t be here during the morning, you might not have the time to both see the museum of Chapultepec and the museum of Anthropology. I’d choose Chapultepec more (how many times can someone brag they went inside of a castle that was a major battle site in the US-Mexican war???). I do suggest that if you do to to Chapultepec, GO on a trolley train car. It’s a long walk uphill. If it’s tiring for me and I’m used to the altitude, you’ll be vomiting halfway up.

However, the museum of anthropology has pretty architecture. There isn’t a lot of pieces in exhibit (and a lof of the are apparently replicas), so you could see the museum in just 90 minutes tops. The restaurant there is okay but not enough regional dishes and it’s filled with tourists.

The Turibus is right in front of the Antropology museum, costs 20 dollars per person and lets you have a nice look of downtown Mexico City in 90 minutes. I believe it lets you get off as well (I’ve never tried it myself sadly). The Zocalo is a must-see because of the amount of people and there’s some nice shops. The remains of the Templo Mayor pyramids are easily visible from the side of the plaza.

If you still have some time left, go on the subway from Zocalo to the Bellas Artes subway station (just 2 stops away), take a quick look inside. I went there last Friday because I was in town and they had some paintings from Picasso and Renoir in exhibit (they won’t be there by December though). They still have a lot of Siquerios and Tamayo murals though. In fact, the Bellas Artes subway station has some really nice mexican murals you take take photos of in the green line which are nice.

The nice thing about Bellas Artes is that you have the Torre Latinoamericana across the street (you can go to the top floor and take a look a how huge the city is with their binoculars), the building is famous because it was the tallest in Latin America for many years and that it was barely damaged in the 1985 earthquake.
On the left of Bellas Artes is a famous park called La Alameda. It has a ton of street shops with urban mexican clothing that makes me want to buy everything (they’re selling these informal jackets that are really cool for just 7 dollars, I wanna buy em all hehehe). I went there last Friday and got my Pumas pins. I was looking for Puma pins for ages and finally got some!!! 😛 They even sell street mexican food there (I wished I could eat their BBQ’ed corn on the cob, but my braces don’t allow it).

On the right of Bellas Artes is a famous restaurant called La casa de los azulejos which is basically the first Sanborns restaurant in the world (the restaurant looks gorgeous inside and it isn’t filled with tourists). I personally suggest the enchiladas Sanborns.

You probably won’t have time for anything else, better get back to the airport in at least 90 minutes before your plane leaves, but if you do rush things, you might be able to do all of that in time. You could walk from the Zocalo to Bellas Artes (I always get lost though) because the Centeo Historico is really pretty, but you might not have enough time if you want to go to 3 museums AND eat out. 🙁

Mary asks…

What Caribbean island should I visit this December?

I am in my mid-20’s from Seattle and am planning a trip to the Caribbean in December with my girlfriend. We have never been and are looking for somewhat of a laid back island that has activities and attractions. We would like to do things like go on horseback rides on the beach, snorkeling, hikes, and other kinds of outdoor activities. And we would of course be spending a lot of our time relaxing on a nice beach. Nightlife is not a big factor for us as we are looking for a romantic place to get away from it all and relax. We are also looking for a safe island. Any help is much appreciated!

Tijuana answers:

Jamaica – I have been 7 times with my (2) sisters. We had planned to go to Spain, Greece, and Mexico, but had so much fun in Jamaica, that we keep going back.

Try to book an all-inclusive (Sandals, Couples and,my favorite, SuperClubs. Com). I have stayed at Grand Lido Braco (will be renamed Breezes Rio Bueno on Nov. 1st) and the water activities are FREE. Horseback and tours are also available at the excursion desk at any of the resorts. The nightlife is not very heavy at these resorts, which is good if you want relaxation – if you want nightlife, I can let you in on a few other resorts.

These are North Coast and East Coast areas. I have not traveled to Kingston.

Donald asks…

Do i need a passport to visit canada or does a birth certificate work?

ps were driving

Tijuana answers:

If you are a citizen of Canada, US, or Mexico and are traveling by land or sea BEFORE 31 December 2007, you need to have proof of citizenship (which may be passport, birth certificate, and/or naturalization papers) AND photo ID (which may be passport, US or Canada driver’s license, or military ID).

If you are a citizen of Canada, US, or Mexico and are traveling by land or sea (or air) AFTER 01 January 2008, you need to have a valid passport.

If you are NOT a citizen of Canada, US, or Mexico, you require a passport and your visa documentation, regardless of how you travel.

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