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Visit Mexico In December

Laura asks…

please read i need your help can i cross the border of mexico with out a passport??

hello everyone me and my husband are planning to visit Mexico in December my questions is that im Cuban and i don’t have a passport i have sent to do it but i would take all the way up to 1 yr but i have a us resident card would i bee able to enter in and out of Mexico my husband is Mexican and he also has a us resident card are plan is to go by land………

Tijuana answers:

If Mexico will let you in without a passport, you can return with only
your resident card. A passport is not required. The Mexican consulate may be able to tell you whether a passport is needed to enter Mexico. The other answers are
incorrect re travel by car by a resident alien. See this:

Sharon asks…

do i need a passport to go to mexico by land?

me and my family are planning on driving to mexico this december and coming back in early january. my parents have their green cards but me and my younger brothers are us citizens. who needs the passports?

Tijuana answers:

I think just you and your brother need the passports. I know someone who’s visiting a different country but her kid’s a citizen and the kid’s the only one who needs a passport, i assume it’s the same way for mexico.

Donna asks…

Question about taking large amounts of money to mexico?

My hubby and I are going to visit his family in mexico in december. We plan on staying for two months. I’m saving up most of my money right now in a bank account and we plan on taking about 10,000 dollars with us. How should we do this? Should I transfer it to a bank account there or should I get traveler’s checks??? His family lives in a little town so using our bankcard isn’t really going to be an option. Thanks!!

Tijuana answers:

An ATM card is useless with that amount of money since the maximum withdrawal daily is usually $5000 pesos or $470us.

Nothing is easy in Mexico but I would transfer money bank to bank (if they have a bank account) but it has to be initiated from the US – not requested from Mexico.

Second option would be a cashiers check

Third would be travelers checks (overall cost)

If you are near a Walmart … Check with them for inter country transfers. There are Walmarts here

Ask the family what they think

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