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Visit Mexico In December

Ken asks…

What is the average cost of a trip to the Yucatan?

We are going on a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico starting in mid-December, and wondering what the average on the ground cost per week ranges from. We are trying to get away from the vacation hot-spots (Cancun, Cozumel, etc…) and plan on making our trip as bare-bones financially as possible. If anyone has vacationed there in the last few years could give us a good ballpark figure (and any amazing destinations ^_^ ), that information would be invaluable!

Tijuana answers:

I am a retired American living in Mexico in the state of Veracruz. Have not been to Yucatan, but my Mexican friends tell me it is fantastic. Gasoline is about the equvelent of $2.50 a gallon .If you stay at Mexican roadside hotels, they are usually about the equivelent of $20.00 a nite. The big U.S. Type hotels are $6o.oo to $1oo.oo a nite. Eat at the little tiny Mexican restaurants you will see everywhere and ask for the “comida corrida” ….the fast meal of the day. Usually equivelent of $2.50. If I can help you with any other info…insurance, visas, etc., you can email me. Hope you have a great trip. You will have to pass within a few miles of my house as you drive so maybe you can say “hi.” Also…best place to cross is at McAllen , TX. DO NOT cross at Laredo! Oh, and my Mexican friends say that Merida is an absolutely beautiful city to visit.

Lizzie asks…

how much cost a train ticket from london airport to edinburgh and how many hours does it take to get there?

would you give me some web pages to look for good rates on hotels, car hiring and places to visit? i am from mexico and want to go on december 2007 with my husband and baby. how is the weather on that time?

Tijuana answers:

I am assuming you will fly into London Gatwick or Heathrow. From there, you will need to make your way into central London by train. You’ll need to get to Victoria and then get a tube to Kings Cross. Trains to Edinburgh go from here. They take around 4.5 hours I think. This is not exact as I’ve only ever flown to Scotland before. The website you need to go on to look at tickets is either the Virgin Trains or GNER website. Just type these into Google. It is often cheaper to book 2 single tickets instead of a return. If you book far in advance, you’ll get a better price. The budget airline Easyjet fly from London to Edinburgh, you could look at prices for that too. The flight is around 45 minutes, so it’s a lot quicker. I use the website for hotels. The weather in Edinburgh in December will probably be pretty cold and wet, as it’ll be winter. Take coats and sweaters! Enjoy it though, it’s supposed to be a lovely city!

Nancy asks…

What are the best shore excursions while cruising in the Mexican Riviera?

My family and I will be traveling on the Carnival Pride ship this December to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas.

I would like to know what shore excursions are most recommended? Or on the other end, what shore excursions should be avoided or aren’t worth it?

At the moment prices aren’t a deciding factor but if prices are included that would be very helpful. Or at least mentioning if the activity is pricey, cheap, etc.

Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

Tou are going to be there the perfect time of year and the Pride is an awesome ship, we sailed on her end of Febuary.

Alot depends on your familys interest but we went horse back riding in Puerto Vallarta (thru the ship) and had a great time, the same location also offered 4 wheel drivres and the looked like they had alot of fun. I think we paid $70 pp

In Mazatalan we took the Sierra Madre tour which allowed us to see alot of the countryside in Mezico, visit a few small towns and generally wander thru Mexico. It was a very relaxing day and we really enjoyed but its pretty quiet. $60 pp

In Cabo we booked thru an outside vendor and had an awesome time whale watching. It was the first time we booked with someone other than thru the ship but it was one of the best ezcursions we have had. We paid $60pp and that included alcohol and a fantastic lunch. I would use this company again

YOu will have a great time. The only other thing I suggest is to bring warm clothes for the 2 sea days there and back, it got very cold and windy on deck and we really needed the sweatshirts and jean we thankfully had brough.

You can alos go to and check out the board for your particular ship and sailing as well as the ports of call

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