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Visit Mexico In December

Richard asks…

What are some phrases needed when visiting mexico?

Going on a luxury trip to mexico for 5 days this summer. If anyone knows, what are the most mandatory phrases to learn?..Other than no habla espanol..or however you spell that.
And if phrases arent enough, what else should I know?
Thanks. And really, it’s pointless to comment “I don’t know.”

Tijuana answers:

I take it you are staying in Cancun or the Mayan Riviera. If so, as Charlie said, most of the staff at the resorts speak english. The Mexican people love it when us gringos attempt to speak Spanish. It’s best to stick with the simple things to begin with such as hello. ( hola ) We went to the Mayan Riviera for our third time last December, and I was quit surprised at how much Spanish I remembered from our previous trips. It never hurts to ask the Mexican people that are looking after you at the resort, how to say certain things in Spanish. They love to teach you their language, but be careful. I wanted to know how to say I wanted my eggs over easy. When I tried it at breakfast one morning, I got quit a laugh. I was asking to have two testicles over easy. It’s all in the pronunciation of the word egg.

As far as being a dangerous place to visit. Don’t let people scare you away from visiting the Mayan Riviera. It’s probably safer than home. There might be one or two incidents a year when a tourist is in the wrong place at the wrong time, but nothing like what is happening in the northern parts of Mexico. There are more people killed in violence in one day in New York, than there is in Cancun in one year.

Carol asks…

mexico in december!!?

i got my passport like last week and all and i was reading and it said to get online to let them know when you are taking your vacation and all do you really have to do this or is it fine im not real sure yet what days i am leaving but i have a thought… also when i bought my husbands tickets i went to an angency and all cant i just purchase the tickets from american airlines web site and is there anything else i need to do before i got on my vacation to mexico in december?
well i found a cheap flight but i dont need a hotel my husband is down there and i will be staying with family… thanks

Tijuana answers:

Well, we’re kinda used to the weather being much cooler in the “winter” months down here so pack shawls, sweaters, etc. And don’t forget the socks!

But I’d highly recommend your visiting as well as for the best hotel and airfare deals. Plus TripAdvisor also recommends some great local attractions in any part of Mexico.

Tengo un bueno viaje, amiga, y bueno suerte!! 🙂

Jenny asks…

Have you visited Mexico city?

Tell me your oppinion.

Tijuana answers:

I strongly agree kentata said. Mexico City has a bad, undeserved reputation.

I visited Mexico City last December and not once felt “threatened”. Lots of museums, lots of architechture (from Ancient Aztecs to modern skyscrapers), restaurants, galleries, theatres, parks.

And yes, there are some parts of Mexico City that are dangerous. What did you expect from a 22 million metro city? (the actual population in the Mexico City boundaries is 9 million). But if you have some common sense, you will know which parts of the city you must avoid.

I don’t know what kind of tourism you want to do, but the last time, I spent all my time in museums and theatres. Some interesting ones are:

El Chopo (museum)
Polyforum Siqueiros (theatre)
Auditorio Nacional (t)
Soumaya (m)
San Ildefonso (m)
Bellas Artes (t&m)
Teatro Insurgentes(t) (I saw Victor Victoria with the mexican actress Daniela Romo. Impressive!)

I suggest that you visit:

Have a good time!

PS. Don’t listen to stupid comments from people who say “MC is horrible. Oh, btw, I’ve never been there” ¬¬ DUH!

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