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Visit Mexico In December

Ruth asks…

How to convince my mom to not go to Mexico?

My families Mexican, my mom is wanting to go to Mexico December 21-idk . She wants to go with my other aunt. Driving there, to zacatecas which is right in the middle of Mexico and me and my siblings don’t want her to go just because of how dangerous mexico is right now. I’m really worried and I understand she wants to go to where she grew up but Im really worried about something terrible happening :/ how do I convince her not to go?

Tijuana answers:

You should try supporting her in her desire to visit her family instead. Around this time of the year Mexico increases its security with the intent of making all tourists feel safe. This is especially true all along the major highways & toll roads. Tourists pump millions of dollars into the economy every year but more so around this time of year so Mexico is very determined to keep them as safe as possible.
Also if your mother is not “La Reina Del Sur” she has nothing to worry about. Media coverage has caused many people to fear traveling there, when in all reality it is fairly safe if you are an ordinary person having nothing to do with drugs or any of the many cartels.
Zacatecas is a very nice state with lots of culture and scenery which I’m sure she will enjoy. 😉

Joseph asks…

Can I drive in USA with Indian Driving Licence?

I am planning to visit Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and even Mexico during December 1st week. Can I use a Valid Indian driving licence to rent a car? I don’t have an International Driving Licence but my licence is in English. I need official confirmation. Can you help me out? Has anyone drove a car legally with Indian licence?

Tijuana answers:

Mexico is not in the USA.

In Los Angeles, if you live in a foreign country, you can drive with a license from that country.

If you live or work anywhere in California, including Los Angeles, then you are not allowed to drive anywhere in California, including Los Angeles, without a California license. Again, this rule does not apply if you are a foreign visitor who does not work or live in the U.S. And you have a valid license from the country where you do live.

An International Driving License is not valid in the U.S. To drive in the U.S., you must have a regular, non-international, license from the country where you live. In the U.S., the only use for an international one is if you have a license from your home country that is not in English and an international one that is in English (the international one helps the police to tell what the other one says).

Donna asks…

Is traveling 3 days in a car too much for a 10-11 month old?

We’re planning on going to Mexico in December, my baby will be around 10-11 months old by then. Would driving for 3 days be too much for my baby? Of course we’ll be stopping at night to sleep in hotels, but during the day it will be pretty much non-stop driving (except for potty stops &stuff). Also we’re traveling from MINNESOTA to JALISCO, MEXICO. Thnx.

Tijuana answers:

It’s perfectly fine. We’re a military family and our families have always been very far away. We’d have to drive sometimes just one day and sometimes (depending on which family we were visiting bc our families don’t live in the same town nor state) a few days just to see his parents and mine. Just make sure that you have some toys to keep the little one occupied and do make sure that every time you stop for gas or something that you get the little one out of their seat and let them kind of stretch their legs and get some fresh air. Even if the little one is asleep when you stop, if they aren’t the cranky kind of kid that’s going to cry and fuss because he didn’t get enough sleep or he was woken up, I would go ahead and wake them up when you stop and let them get out of the seat.

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