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Visit Mexico Passport

Laura asks…

How long can you be in a country on a passport?

My boyfriends passport here is for like 3 years, what if i wanted to visit say Mexico how long would i have that i could stay there?

Tijuana answers:

The passport is issued by your government so it cant mae rules for another country
it depends on the visa that you are issued with , it could be for 1 , 3, 6 or 12 months for forever

Sandy asks…

Do I need a passport to travel to the Mexico?

Please help…Its urgent…I am planning to visit Mexico for educational purpose within a few days…Will I need passport to visit Mexico?????

Tijuana answers:

If you are traveling to Mexico by airplane, definitely YES!!, you will need your passport to show it to the immigration officer in your arrival. If you are planning to go by car, depends where you are going, if you are traveling more than 60 kilometers away from the border, YES again, you will need it to show it in the military checkpoints. As well, to re-entry to the U.S. You will need it too. Only if your visit is short and near the border probably you will be exempt of the passport because nobody check that, but if it is over 60 kilometers by car or going from a US Airport to a Mexican airport, you will need it.

Ruth asks…

What are the do’s and don’ts of visiting the Texas-Mexico border region?

My wife is afraid and has no desire to visit Mexico, after hearing and seeing what is reported with the drug war, violence and all. But just in case I happen to be in the area between El Paso and Brownsville, Texas – Does anyone have any advice on traveling within the border region of Mexico….even if I wanted to visit, for example Nuevo Laredo for 30 minutes, just to say that I have been there (to Mexico).

Tijuana answers:

It is fine especially if you go to a big border city because the police watch you. One of Mexicos biggest sources of income is from tourism, therefore the police will keep the tourists safe inorder to meep the economy up. Mexico has a very beautiful culture. The people are very nice. The food and drinks are great. Go to a restaurant have lunch and go look at the markets. Me and my friend go over to Mexico all of the time and never have any problems. I would recommend walking because it is much faster. Every thing is cheaper in Mexico I dont know if you smoke but cigarettes are 2 dollars a pack there. As far as donts obviously don’t do any thing illegal as far as buy drugs or any thing. If you are looking for trouble than you will find a lot of it, but if you mind you own business than you will be perfectly safe. Also remember to bring a passport otherwise you won’t be able to go

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