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Visit Mexico Passport

Richard asks…

What is an “enhanced ID” and what do I need to go to Mexico?

I’m going on a trip to South Texas this week and would like to visit Mexico. I don’t have time to get a passport or passport card, but what I’ve read says that you can get over the border and back with an enhanced ID. I have a very recent TX ID card, but how do I know if it’s “enhanced”?

Tijuana answers:

See site below for explanation of “enhanced ” drivers licenses and state I.D. Cards. Texas is not yet issuing these. You must have a passport to travel to and from Mexico by any means.See 2nd site to read the law and 3rd site for passport application info.

Mark asks…

Can I visit Mexico with a class B misdemeanor pending?

So I’m planning on going on a trip to Mexico w/ my girlfriend, I have my passport and everything ready. But today some of my family members told me I wouldn’t be able to, because I currently have a Class B misdemeanor pending. I’m leaving for 10 days and will be back with plenty of time for court. So can I leave or should I just not go on this vacation?

Tijuana answers:

Yes. The only way misdemeanor charges will absolutely prevent you from travel is if there is a warrant for your arrest. If you are out on bond with restrictions, you are required to get permission from the bond company if a surety bond or permission from the court if a personal recognizance bond.

Donald asks…

Does Chinese People need visa to visit Mexico o a Holliday?

A friend is coming for a visit and we are trying to find out whether she needs visa or not. She is currently working in the US with a job permit.

Tijuana answers:

Destination MEXICO (MX)


Passport required.

1. If holding Hong Kong (SAR China) passport:
visa not required if coming for:
– a touristic stay of max. 90 days provided holding Tourist
Card/form FMT issued (free of charge) by airlines, travel
agencies or on arrival; OR
– a business stay of max. 30 days (extension possible) and
holding form FMTTV issued by travel agencies, airlines or
on arrival.
Immigration officers will decide on max. Period of stay.

2. In all other cases: visa required.
Visa is valid for up to 90 days after date of issue and good
for 1 entry only. However, holders of a 3 year tourist or
business visa are allowed to have multiple entries.
Visa in expired passport is valid as long as the passenger
also carries a valid passport.
Expired visas issued between January 1, 2008 and February 29, 2008, will be accepted if used within 90 days after issuance date.
Passenger must hold Tourist Card/FMT Form issued (free of charge) by airlines, travel agencies or on arrival.

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