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Visit Mexico Passport

Donald asks…

do i need a credit card or bank statements to enter mexico?

i’m planning to go to mexico to stay for about 3.5 months to study and travel. so i was doing some research and found on the mexican consulate website that the travellers need something to prove their ‘economic solvency’ which could be either a credit card or 3 most recent bank stantements. i dont have any credit card yet and i have just enough money in my bank account to survive for 3.5 months. would this be a big problem? anyone who’ve been to mexico by air, help!

Tijuana answers:

You probably won’t need it. Just make sure, when you fly in, that they don’t stamp your visitors visa for 30 days. So, before your hand over your passport to the guy when you get off the plane, tell him you are going to be a student for 4 months. Otherwise you get to visit Mexico city, look around for the consulates office and pay to get an extension…. A lousy use of your time. This happened to me. If you are a US citizen, you should be able to stay for up to six months. I never had to show them a single thing to prove I had sufficient funds. You probably won’t either.

Nancy asks…

Do I need a passport to get back to the Unted States?

My Uncle ( He’s Hispainic) went to Mexico the 20th to visit Mexico. At the airport they infrmed him that he had to have a passport to get back into the United States. He only has his Green Card but no passport. I was told that this was a new law that was being inforced the 17 I belive of January but he’s coming back the 5 and they won’t let him back in. Is this correct?

Tijuana answers:

Check the site below. This is the governmental site regarding passports and will have all the new legal information, requirements, etc.

Lisa asks…

My mom from Holland is coming to visit, can she visit Mexico for the day?

Aside from the bordertown problems, please answer.

I live in Texas. I am dutch but have a greencard. She is just visiting.

Tijuana answers:

As long as she has a passport, I don’t see what the problem would be.

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