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Visit Mexico Passport

Sandra asks…

Visa requirement to visit mexico in a cruise with Indian passport?


I am travelling to mexico on a cruise (mexican riviera) from los ageles. The port to depart and arrive is Long beach. I have a valid EAD and my parents have a valid B2 visa with India passport. Do I need to get a visa to travel to mexico??? Also when my parents return, will they get stamping again for 6 months?
I have read that for cruises we don’t. Kindly HELP!!!

Tijuana answers:

Cruise ship passengers to Mexico do not need any visa, regardless of their citizenship.
Http:// ..[Scroll down to read para 5.]
Since May 2010 U.S. Visa holder can also visit Mexico without the requirement to get a Mexican visa. They may stay for up to 180 days.
Http:// ..
U.S. Immigration law however reduces the stay outside the United States to 30 days, in which a new immigration inspection will not be required on re-entry to the United States on the valid I-94.
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Paul asks…

What do you do it you lose your passport in another country?

If you’re visiting let’s say Mexico, or England, or Morocco what do you do if you lose your passport?

Tijuana answers:

Go to the nearest embassy or consulate for your country. They can arrange a replacement Passport or other documents to allow you to return home.

Thomas asks…

What is the procedure for Canadian citizens entering the USA through a Mexico border (land)?

I know that Mexican citizens are required to get some special permit, besides the VISA, to go beyond 25 miles or so from the border. I also know that Mexican citizens require to get their picture and fingerprints taken. If a Canadian enters the US by land from Mexico, with a Canadian passport, will he/she be required to get some type of permit? Will he/she get their picture and fingerprints taken? In general, how will the Customs/Border procedure be different for a Canadian citizen from a Mexican Citizen?
Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

Sorry, but the facts you are stating about Mexican citizens are not true. Mexican citizens need a border crossing card or a visa to enter the United States.

Canadian citizen do not need a visa and are not subject to the US.VISIT procedures unless they plan to enter the U.S. For certain purposes. From where they enter is irrelevant.

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