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Visit Mexico Passport

Laura asks…

do you need a passport to visit mexico?

I am a us citizen, do I need a passport to visit mexico, or just my birth certificate and pictured ID

Tijuana answers:

If you’re flying in then YES.
If you’re driving across the border then NO–you can use your birth certificate and pictured ID. But this will change on June 1st, 2009, when it will be required to have a passport (or passport card) for that too.

Maria asks…

What type of documentation is needed to visit Mexico?

I am a natural born citizen of the U.S. I have been to Mexico before and only needed a picture ID to re-enter the U.S. but I have been told that the laws have changed recently and now a passport is necessary. Is this true? I thought that law did not go into effect until 2009?

Tijuana answers:

It depends on your mode of transportation.
If you are flying then YES you need a passport.
If you are walking over probably I.D .
The problem on foot will be coming back and your immigration will want your proof of citizenship.
You will soon need a passport to go by sea and land. They have extended that date.
If you are taking a cruise, check with the carrier and your travel agent. Some are requiring a passport. Probably so they wont lose so much biz when the hammer comes down.
There is mounting pressure being applied to your paisanos as well as pressure on Mexico to make things a little stricter as fears of terrorists entering Mexico and on to the U.S is growing.
If you are taking a bus you need proof of U.S citizenship.
Best for everyone to get a passport these days.

Thomas asks…

Friends daughter had emergency passport to Mexico, while there real passport denied, how does she get back?

She got an emergency passport for her husbands mothers funeral and while gone her passport application was denied. What happens now?
The girl is a USA citizen NOT from Mexico. How can they keep a citizen from returning?

Tijuana answers:

She is going to have an almost impossible time getting on an airplane to the U.S.

She may be able to get some assistance from the State Dept. By going to a U.S. Embassy or consulate and visiting the U.S. Citizens Services section.

Or, she could cross the border by land where she does not need a passport to enter. That way, she could have a face to face conversation with a CBP officer who can make a judgment as to her claim to U.S. Citizenship.

Her emergency passport for the trip to Mexico might not get her on a plane, but it will help when she is at the embassy or at the border. The key thing for her to do is to communicate with a U.S. Official.

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