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Visit Mexico Passport

Laura asks…

Can a Belizean visit Mexico with their passport?

I have a friend coming to Cancun to visit me. Will he be able to enter Mexico with his passport from Belize? Or does he enen need his passport?

Tijuana answers:

Make sure he has his passport.

William asks…

What passport to go to different countries?

Can I get into Mexico (going from the US) with *for example* a german passport? Or do I only have to have a US or Mexico passport?

Tijuana answers:

I am German citizen and I hold a German passport. I could apply for an ESTA and visit the United States without a visa for 90 days. During this time I could cross the border to Mexico since Germany, same as the U.S., is exempt from the Mexican tourist visa requirement, I just would need to get an FMM tourist card..
However you can only get a passport of the country you hold citizenship of. You would be entitled to get a German passport only if one of your parents is a German citizen or if you have lived and worked in Germany for a certain period. In the latter case you would need to renounce your current citizenship since Germany does not allow dual citizenship, unless it has been acquired at birth..

Richard asks…

Can you get into Vegas clubs with a mexican ID or passport?

My cousins are coming to visit from Mexico and they want to go clubbing! Can you get in with a Mexican ID or passport? If not, what other documents can you use to get in?

Tijuana answers:

People come to Las Vegas from all over the world. I’m sure bouncers have seen IDs from many different countries. I’d have them bring just the Mexican IDs. Have them leave the passports at home because they wouldn’t want to lose them at the club.

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