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Visit Mexico Visa

Sharon asks…

I have greencard & US refugee travel document. Would like to visit Mexico as tourist. Do I need visa?

have asked the nearest Mexico consulate and they can’t give definite answers. I also have tried calling consulate at different locations but nobody picked up..

Tijuana answers: card holders are NOT required to have a visa to visit Mexico. You can verify this by using the site below. Just enter your nationality, enter that you are an alien resident of the U.S.A., enter Mexico as your destination and click for the info and you will see that it says no visa is needed. You can also go to the 2nd site…the Mexican Immigration Service (INM) and read that:

You can enter Mexico without a visa showing your passport and the “migration Form for Tourists, Transmigrants, Visiting Businesspersons, or Visiting Consultants”, which you can obtain from travel agencies, airlines, or at your point of entry into Mexico.

This option also applies for permanent legal residents in the USA, Canada or Japan, regardless of nationality

Maria asks…

I hv Indian Passport & m planning to visit mexico via frankfurt & toronto. can i get transit visa for canada?

pls suggest me.

Tijuana answers:

You first will need to apply for the visa for Mexico at the Mexican Embassy in India.
Http:// ..

Once your Mexican visa is affixed to your Indian passport you MUST apply for an Transit Visa through the Canadian Embassy in Delhi or the sattelite office in Chandigarh. The visa application can be submitted through Commercial Visa Application Centres of VFS. There is no visa-fee for a transit visa. The VFS service charge is Rs.664/-.
Http:// ..

Once you hold the Canadian transit visa you MUST apply for an Airport Transit Visa for Germany. Indian citizen need a visa for Germany even if they stay in the international transit zone of the Frankfurt airport. They are only exempt from the requirement if they hold a valid visa for certain selected countries. A Canadian tourist visa exempts from the German visa requirement, a Canadian transit visa does not. Again the visa needs to be applied through a VFS Visa Application Centre; fee: Rs.4,000/- + Rs. 640 service fee.
Http:// ..

Jenny asks…

Can someone from Russia visit Mexico with an American Visa and a Travel Passport, but no Mexican Visa?

Tijuana answers:

Yes, Mexico has lifted the visa requirements and allows all U.S. Visa holders to travel to Mexico without the need to get a further visa. All you need is to get a FMM tourist form to be obtained at the airport or at the Mexican border.
Http:// ..

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