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Visit Mexico Visa

Steven asks…

Can I take a trip to Mexico on a M1 visa during my 30 day grace period?

I have a M1 visa and I am done with my studies and I’m in my 30 day grace period. I have my ticket booked in a week but I want to visit Mexico just for a day. Will I be allowed to return to USA? I have a Sri lankan passport.

Tijuana answers:

I would not be stupid enough to leave the US except to return to Sri Lanka.
Ask yourself if it is worth the risk.
I doubt your passport will open doors for your return to the US.
You might consider going back to Sri Lanka through Mexico.

Donna asks…

How do I go about getting my girlfriend into the US from Mexico?

My girlfriend recently had to move back to Mexico after living in the US without citizenship. Is it possible for me to bring her back with me as a US citizen after visiting Mexico?
She wasn’t sent out of the country, she left on her own.

Tijuana answers:

Under no circumstances would you be able to bring her back as a US citizen. She first has to obtain legal residency, then after a period of years, she can apply for citizenship.

You should apply for a waiver to allow her to re-enter the US since she has been in the US illegally and it does not matter that she left on her own. If you withhold the information that she has been in the US illegally, it will be considered fraud. Lying on immigration forms can be prosecuted for perjury.

You can apply for a fiance’ visa, or you could marry her, return to the US and sponsor her to come to the US as your spouse. She cannot re-enter the US until she receives one of those visas and the waiver.

Daniel asks…

Can my Romanian husband cross the mexican border into America with no problems?

We are going to visit Mexico in the summer but I want to show him some of America too. He has a Romanian passport.

Tijuana answers:

He needs a visa to enter America. You can see site below and/or visit nearest American embassy or consulate for info on applying for a visa to the U.S. For him.

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