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Visit Mexico Visa

Nancy asks…

Do canadian residents need mexican tourist visas for short visits?

i’m a canadian permanent resident by i’m not a citizen yet. fwiw i’m a south african citizen. Do I need a visa to visit Mexico? We are going for 7 days.

Tijuana answers:

No, you don’t need a visa, just to fill a tourist card which will be issued to you by your airline. The fee for the card is included in the flight ticket.

Passport required.
– Passport and/or passport replacing documents must be valid on arrival.
Passport Exemptions:
– Alien residents of Canada provided holding one of the following documents:
– Permanent Residence Card;
– Certificate of Identity.

Visa required, except for a stay of max. ?» 1 8 0 «? Days:
– for alien permanent residents of Canada holding proof of residence.
– for holders of a valid visa for the USA.

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Laura asks…

i am in United Arab Emirates and would like to know how i can get a visa for Mexico?

I like to visit Mexico and consider to start business there or just simply live there.

Tijuana answers:

You should contact the Embassy of the concerned country

Mandy asks…

I am filipino citizn and currently livng in phils.what are the requirements,that I ned to visit to mexico?

Im living here in phils,and I have a foreigner fiancee,but we are just started the petition, thats why I cant go to US yet. we are planning to meet again in mexico.and I want to know the steps and requirements on how can I visit to I need to get a tourist visa in order for me to go to mexico?and do I need to have a show money to go?pls help me…

Tijuana answers:

Yes you need a visa to go to Mexico. You must visit the Mexican Embassy or Consulate closer to your current location and make an application.

In most cases the Visa has no cost, but it depends on each country.


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