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Visit Mexico Visa

Laura asks…

Ukrainian girl wants to visit Mexico. How to get an invitation letter so that she can apply for the visa?

I am Mexican but live/work in the US, and my girlfriend is Ukrainian (don’t ask how we came to be related 🙂 but we want to meet up in Mexico for December. She told me I need to get her an invitation letter. Does anybody know how to do this? the information in INM from Mexico is misleading and unclear :S


Tijuana answers:

You need to get a hold of the Mexican Embassy in Ukraine or the Ukraine embassy in Mexico and ask them, I’m sure you can find some kind of website about them.

Jenny asks…

can I renew a visa from Mexico in the united states?

My grandmother has a visa and wants to come to the US from Mexico. Her visa expires in April, can she be able to renew it here?

Tijuana answers:

I don’t know where you are; we’ve one here in So Cal, in Los Angeles. Thus, you might have to drive a bit to get there. You should at least call the nearest one and find out how much of the work needed to renew it can be done from where you are. Who knows? Maybe you don’t have to visit the consulate, tho my guess is that they’ll need to see the candidate in person.

Mandy asks…

do i (an american citizen) need a visa to visit mexico city? or will an american passport be enough?

i just want to visit for like 2 weeks to a month, and does anybody know about a permanent resident visiting mexico?


Tijuana answers:

I just went on a trip to mexico city. All you need is a passport unless you are underage, and then you parental consent. On the plane they will give you a form to fill out about your intents on statying, but that is really all you need.

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