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Visit Mexico Visa

Ken asks…

Do I need Visa for Mexico if travelling from Texas?

I am british citizen. Will be going on holiday to USA. Planning to visit north Mexico for few days. Do i need Visa?

Tijuana answers:

I did not think so? But obviously, you do, strange?
Check this link out…

# British nationals (with passports endorsed British Citizen) can obtain a Tourist Card/form FMT from the airline they are travelling with, free of charge, for a stay of up to 180 days. #
The traveller must also hold a return or onward ticket and sufficient funds for the duration of their stay in Mexico
read this as well,
# You are given a tourist visa and a customs form on the plane (assuming flying from UK). You fill them out and present them to immigration at the airport.#
2 years ago
# #

ok; i could not let this one go;
Passport holders of this country, wishing to travel to Mexico on holidays, are exempted of visa and can be allowed to stay in the country up to 180 days. They must obtain one blue tourist card (FMTTV migration form) from the airlines on direct flights to México and ports of entry into Mexico.
No visa,

David asks…

How long is the wait time for an appointment to apply for a Mexican VISA in America (consulate in Denver)?

My wife is a Chinese citizen, she has a US VISA, we want to go to Mexico to relax on the beach but can’t seem to get ahold of the MExican consulate in Denver, how long does it take to get a VISA to visit Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

You get tourist visas at the border or the plane when flying

Daniel asks…

Hello, indian citizen to visit Mexico on a tourist visa?

Hi , i am indian citizen and am intending to visit mexico on a tourist visa,

any body can guide help with the procedure and papers and what are the time frame they issue,,

i have sponsor letter from their from my friend who is living and mexican there,,

is there personal interview and i heard that u have to directly apply since i live very far and i heard that u have to submit papers in person there,

can any one guide,, can it be avail by travel agent by submitting papers and later on visiting for interview dates,, any one can share their experience

thank u

Tijuana answers:

National INDIA (IN) /Destination MEXICO (MX)

Passport required.

Visa required, together with a:
– Tourist Card/FMT form issued by the airline or travel agency
if holding a business visa valid for 3 years; or
– Tourist Card/FMT form with consular stamp if holding
other type of visa.

Visa is valid for up to 90 days after date of issue and good
for 1 entry only.
Visa in expired passport is valid as long as the passenger also
carries a valid passport.

Minors under 14 years of age, travelling alone, should be met
by an adult.

Visitor must hold:
– ticket and documents required for onward/return journey and

– sufficient funds.

Non-compliance with entry regulations will result in fines for

carrier vaying from USD 850.- to a maximum of USD 1800.-, and
deportation of passenger to country of origin at carrier’s


If there is no Mexican diplomatic representation in your city, you can request any major courier company to submit your passport with completed application forms and required documents to the Mexican embassy/ consulate nearest to you. A fee is charged by the courier company for this service, which is called Visa Delivery.

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