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Visit Mexico With Us Visa

Betty asks…

What does my grandmother need to visit the US from Mexico?

I want to bring my grandmother from Mexico for a visit, where do I start?

I would also like to know if her age makes a difference, she is 82

Thank you

Tijuana answers:

Mexican Passport and valid tourist visa. To get the visa, she will have to visit her closest American consulate in Mexico. Take current passport along with proof of property ownership and income. Mexican nationals have to show proof of owning property in Mexico and having steady income in order to qualify for a tourist visa.

Sandra asks…

Is it ok to visit Canada entering by air and then leave by land?

I plan to fly to Montreal from Mexico City, and then travel to New York by train. I’m a mexican citizen and I already have the respective Canada and US visas. I just want to know if its ok to take a train to leave Canada if I entered by air, or if I have to do something extra. Thanks in advance 🙂

Tijuana answers:

If you have proper paperwork for the US and a train ticket . You can do as you like.

Maria asks…

Do mexican citizens with permanent residency in the US need a mexican passport or visa to travel to Japan?

I am a legal permanent resident in the U.S but a citizen of Mexico; Also, I’ve heard that Mexican Citizens don’t need a visa in order to visit Japan but not really sure if its true. I just want to know what I really need so that I won’t get into trouble along the way.

Tijuana answers:

Your U.S. Green Card has no relevance in Japan, what counts is your citizenship. You will need your Mexican passport to travel to Japan. Open the attached website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, select visa from the menu on the right side, and click on the yellow button “Other Nationalities” to read that Mexican passport holder are exempt from the visa requirement on reciprocity for up to 6 months. A landing permission for up to 90 days can be granted on arrival which is subject to extension by the Japanese Immigration Office..
Http:// ..
All visitors must hold confirmed onward or return ticket, proof of sufficient funds to cover duration of their stay in Japan and documents required for their next destination.

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