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Visit Mexico With Us Visa

Sandy asks…

Is a US tourist visa required if traveling INTERNATIONALLY with a layover in the US?

I will be traveling from MEXICO to BERMUDA, but in order to get to Bermuda I have to stop in the USA. I will NOT be staying in the USA so I do not see why a visa would be required if the final destination is Bermuda. I do not have a US Tourist Visa.

Tijuana answers:

The United States have suspended the “transit without visa” facility after 9/11. Everybody who needs a visa to visit the United States also needs a visa for airport transit purposes. If you are a Mexican citizen you will need to apply for a C-1 transit visa for a flight which stops on U.S. Soil. The application fee is US$140.
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Check out if the flights via Canada are cheaper. You will still need to get a Canadian transit visa as Mexican but the transit visa are issued free of charge.
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Carol asks…

Do we need Mexican visa to go on a cruise to Mexico from US for people with Indian passport?

My parents have an Indian passport. They are visiting me in US. I am planning to take them on a cruise to Cozumel (Mexico) from Fort Lauderdale. We will be in Cozumel for less than a day probably 8-10 hours only. Do I need to get a Mexican visa for them .

Tijuana answers:

There used to be a permit you could get if your stay was going to be for a day, but this has changed recently. Now you need to get a visa. Apply for a visitor’s visa at your nearest Mexican Consulate.

Steven asks…

Do I need a US transit visa traveling from Mexico to jamaica?

I am a Mexican citizen planning a vacation to Jamaica in July. My flight stops in Miami for some hours, so I was wondering if I will need a transit visa. If so, how long is the process to get one. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

The United States have abolished the transit without visa facility after 9/11. All passenger who need a visa to visit the United States also need one to transit via a U.S. Airport. SInce Mexicans are subject to the visa requirement you will need to apply for a C-1 transit visa prior to travel. Visa application fee US$140. You will need to provide the same documentation as for a B-2 tourist visa and must be able to show strong economic and/or social ties to Mexico. The waiting time for a visa interview depends on your state of residence and ranges from 1 day in Merida or Nogales to 21 days in Guadalajara. The processing time (without additional administrative processing) ranges from 1 day in Mexico City, Merida, or Monterrey to 10 days in Nogales. If you want to apply for the U.S. Transit visa do it early in advance. The visa, if issued, will be valid for 24 months.
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You should think about taking a flight by Copa Airlines via Panama City; it does not require a transit visa.
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