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Visit Mexico With Us Visa

Sandra asks…

What is the nicest city in Mexico that a US citizen can visit without a visa?

I mean a city where everyone speaks Spanish (rather than a tourist site) and is safe and there are lots of things to see. Preferably close to the California/Mexico border.

Tijuana answers:

I know of two cities and three towns that are within the 20-30 miles/kilometer range of the Baja California border but I might get some flack from other Yahoo Answerers on my choices. So I can refer you to three websites below and then you can decide; bye.

Donna asks…

I want to visit a friend in mexico for 3 – 4 days.What Visa do I need,even though I will have US visa?

I have a friend in mexico and i want to visit her, just for 4 days, what sought of visa i will need? Can I get visa on arrival ?. Also at the same time I will already have my Visa for US.

Tijuana answers:

If you are a US Citizen you only need your passport – no special visa is required for Mexico. Mexico does not require entry visas…If you are not a US Citizen, your passport with your US entry visa will be required for returning to the US just like any other country.

Maria asks…

Can a British Citizen visiting the US obtain a multiple entry visa upon arrival?

Following the responses to a question which I posted earlier we have decided that we would like to take a organised single-day trip from San Diego across the border into Mexico.

According to the details on the site where we are likely to book all non-US citizens require both an I-94 departure record card and a multiple entry visa. Will we automatically get both of these documents when we arrive in the US or do we have to arrange these in advance? If the latter is the case how do we go about doing this?

Tijuana answers:

As a British Citizen, you are permitted to enter the United States under the Visa Waiver Program. The VWP allows you to spend up to 90 days for tourism. By participating in the VWP, you forgo many rights. For example, you do not have the right to see an Immigration Judge if you are denied entry into the United States.

On the airplane, you will be given form I-94W to fill out. It is a cross between a regular I-94 and an application for a visa. When you reach Customs and Border Protection at the airport, they will staple on part of the I-94W to your passport and keep the other part. They will stamp the I-94W and your passport. The stamp will indicate how long you are allowed to remain in the United States (usually 90 days).

Mexico is no problem. I live in a border town in Texas and go to Mexico about once a week. From the United States, the Mexicans do not check passports. Sometimes, if you are in a car, you will get a “no pase” and they will open the trunk of your car, and then say “pase.” As long as you are staying within 25 miles of the border, you do not legally need any permit. If you drive past the 25 mile check point, you will either need a formal permit or a five dollar bill to offer as a gift.

Upon your return to America, the CBP officer will say, “What are you bringing back?” You say “Montezuma’s Revenge.” The officer will then flip through your passport and tell you to pass.

Seriously, the CBP officers couldn’t care less about British coming into America.

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