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Visit Mexico With Us Visa

Helen asks…

Do I need a visa to get into Mexico if I already have a US visa?

I’m going to school in the US and some friends want to go to Mexico on spring break. All I need to know is do I need a visa to get into mexico from the united states?

Tijuana answers:

No , You do not. Any foreigner with a valid USA visa may visit Mexico regardless of your nationalitly . This has been Mexican law since May the 1st 2010.
See the link and at the bottom see the Red Highlight.

You have to show both your Passport and valid US Visa to Mexican authorities to get an FMM tourista

George asks…

If I have more than one friend list me on their visa application from Mexico to visit US is it a problem?

One friend already got her visa. The other wants to list me on an application. Would this affect the other negatively the next time she tries to apply?

Tijuana answers:

If you have the resources, No

Daniel asks…

How would I go about planning a trip around The United States of America?

Looking to go in about 2 years time, for 3-6 months.
What do I need to think about?
How much does it cost to travel around in USA?
What are peoples best cities/attractions to visit, and worse?
Will I need a separate VISA to visit Canada or Mexico?

Has anyone backpacked around America or does anyone live there and can share any hints?

Not going to be driving.

Tijuana answers:

First thing to think about is a visa. As a UK citizen, you can travel to the US for up to 90 days under the Visa Waiver Program. You just have to file an ESTA. For more than 90 days you would need to apply for a visa. Any trips to Canada and/or Mexico will require you research the visa requirements for those countries separately. If you do go to Canada or Mexico and you visit the US under the Visa Waiver Program, your 90 days begins when you enter the US regardless if you leave to Canada or Mexico and return. You will not get an additional 90 days.

Costs will vary by time of year, method of transportation, holidays, cost of fuel, etc. The distances can be HUGE. Keep that in mind when planning.

As far as ‘best places’, that would depend on what YOU want/hope/expect to see in the US. NYC is a fantastic place but if you want to see mountains it’s probably not your best choice. Start figuring out where to go by getting to the library (or book store) and getting one of the many USA travel guides. You will get much better answers here if you ask les open-ended questions.

Have fun planning! And have a wonderful trip!

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