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Visit Mexico With Us Visa

Linda asks…

My Mexican friend wants to obtain a tourist visa to visit the United states. What are the interview questions?

I am planning to send him a plane ticket and he will be staying with me at my house. I understand there is an interview process to obtain the visa. I was wondering what types of questions will be asked and what type of information will he need to provide in the interview. Also how long after the interview does it take to obtain the actual visa? I appreciate any infomation. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

To get the US visa after 911 is a nightmare so be prepared, first the appointment, you have to get one and it is really months before you travelling that you have to do it, some people call now and get it till december or later, unless you are lucky, second, proof of coming back Mexico, that means you are student or working in an important company (take the documents to prove it) third and most important MONEY, bank statments, credit cards, owning a property, car, job, salary payments etc, etc,
About the questions, well is more about your look, I swear it, as they see you are your probabilities, if you look like a more or less wealthy person less probabiblity to be refused if they see you like working class average look, more probabilities to be rejected. That is the reality, he interview is more about where in the States are you gonna stay if your friend has family in US is better do not mention it, and more if is not going to visit them but visit you.
If your friend does not go to the school, Uni or have a really good job, then the most probable is that won’t get the visa.
Deny all intentios of working, say that is going the less time possible, send a letter saying that you are an american citizen and you are inviting temporarily, provide your address, occupation and contact details.
Thousand of people go the the US embassy to get the visa daily, and most of them are rejected even having money, going only for vacations and having jobs in important companies. I didn’t have any problems but I saw many many cases wih the contrary even with people that already had booked return tickets and really with the intention to stay only 1 or 2 weeks. GOOD LUCK that is all.

Lizzie asks…

Does a US green card holder need a tourist visa to Mexico?

The country of my citizenship is not listed as a country whose citizens do not need a visa to Mexico. However, I am a US resident. Do I still need a tourist visa to Mexico. I have check some websites, but still I am looking for reliable sources.

Tijuana answers:

No, US legal permanent residents need nothing more than a Green Card to fly to and from Mexico.
It matters not from where in the world your country of origen is. You can travel by air to and from Mexico ,Canada and 17 nations in the Caribbean without a passport.
You do not need a tourist visa.
You will be issued a Tourist Permit that is valid for the duration of your visit and is good for a maximum of 180 days on the plane.
I am growing weary of morons that contradict facts and this is another case of someone that does not know wtf they are talking about.

John asks…

How long does it take to get Mexican visa for US Permanent Resident?

I am a permanent US resident (Green Card holder), but I require the tourist visa to travel to Mexico. How long does it take to get tourist Mexican visa after I apply for it in a Mexican Consulate? If the answer depends on the location, I live in San Jose, CA.

Tijuana answers:

Permanent residents of the U.S. DO NOT need a visa to visit Mexico. You can just get a tourist card at the border, just like American citizens get. It costs about $22.00 U.S.D. If you fly, you will get the tourist card on the airplane. It is good for a visit of up to 180 days. See the webpage below…look just BELOW the list of countries. Read the first 2 paragraphs to see that it says permanent residents of the U.S. Do not need a visa to visit Mexico. The other answerer is mistaken about the need for a passport for LAND travel to and from Mexico. The date for that requirement was pushed back til after SUMMER 2008. See 2nd website and read top half of the page for current info. Yiu DO need a passport if you are flying. You must use your passport from your home country if you are flying.

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