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Visit Mexico With Us Visa

Paul asks…

How can i bring my dog to the US from Mexico?

I lived in Mexico for a little over a year. About 2 months after i went to mexico I found a puppy laying in the rain. I took her in and fell in love with her. she was my baby. About a year ago i came home from Mexico and couldn’t take her with me due to financial situation. She was left with someone who would care for her. I miss her soo much and would do anything to bring her here. How can I bring her here if im not flying with her?

Tijuana answers:

The dog must have all its shots from a licensed medical veterinarian. The papers need to notarized.Then arrangements made through the airline. Check with the airline first.Someone from Mexico must buy an airline approved dog kennel then accompany the dog to the airport, with all the papers. This will also include your name,address, and the purchased ticket or baggage fee. Upon arrival to the US the dog will need to be in quarantine for a period of time which of course you must pay for. This could be from one week to two week period. Are you sure the dog is worth it? I think let the dog stay in its country and go for visits.. Much cheaper.


Maria asks…

How often can I go back and forth to the US on a tourist visa?

Im a Swedish citizens, stayed in the US for three months on a Tourist visa and I want to go back again, can I? And how long do I need to wait?
Can I go back and forth if I extend my visa to 6 months, and what’s the requirements for extension?

Tijuana answers:

The answer from Charlie is correct. If you are asking about an actual visa you need to apply for another one unless you got a multi-entry visa. If yes, questions should be posed to the Embassy or Consulate that issued the visa.

However, it sounds like you are asking about the Visa Waiver Program.


As Charlie said, there is not a specific amount of time you must exit the USA between 90 day visits to the USA. You could leave one day and return the next. Also, an ESTA registration is valid for two years so you only have to register once to visit multiple times.

You CANNOT extend a stay on the Visa Waiver program. If you overstay the 90 days due to reasons beyond your control (ex. Illness, injury, etc.) it is > your proving < your overstay was involuntary.

Going to Canada, Mexico, and most of the Caribbean does not count as "exiting the USA" for VWP purposes. You don't have to return home but do have to leave North America.

Note that while people use the VWP to make repeated visits to the USA all the time, Immigration watches for people who use the program to illegally live in the USA. Be prepared for additional questions on arrival for additional visits. Certainly have your return or onward air ticket.

Hope you have a good trip!

Helen asks…

What is the fastest way to get my daughter and grandchildren to enter the US, they had to leave their home in?

Southern Mexico because of an abusive father, they do not have a passport are in grave risk where they live alone in Tijuana, my wife and I support them and would like to have them free to come to the US and visit us. My daughter works in Tijuana and the grandchildren are in school. We would like to sponsor them for weekend visits and summer vacations.

Tijuana answers:

Your daughter and grandchildren will need to apply for B-2 visitors’ visas at the US consulate. Because a high number of Mexican citizens overstay visas and work in the US illegally, non-immigrant visa applicants must show strong ties to their home country, such as a good job and property ownership. Having a parent already in the US actually hurts your daughter’s chances because it gives her a strong incentive to overstay her visa once she enters. If she does apply, she must be truthful about her reasons for wanting to visit. If she gets caught omitting or misstating relevant information on a visa application, she’ll never get any sort of visa to enter the US. You mentioned that your daugher and her children are at grave risk. I don’t know if you’re thinking of having them apply for asylum if they manage to get here, but if you’re not already aware, you should know that being at risk of violence from an abusive relative is not grounds for receiving asylum.

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