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Visit Mexico With Us Visa

Lizzie asks…

Mexicans who have to change planes in the US on their way to europe. Do they need a US visa?

My partner’s mother is traveling from Mexico City to Frankfurt Germany. It is cheaper for her have a flight that makes one stop in a US city, where she would change planes and then fly to Frankfurt, rather than fly directly non-stop from Mexico City to Frankfurt. If she changes planes in the US, I believe she has to go through customs and immigration services prior to leaving for Frankfurt, Germany. Does she need to have a US visa (in addition to her passport) to change planes in the USA? A Mexican visitor to the USA needs a visa in addition to their passport to visit the USA. Does a tourist changing planes at a US airport also need a visa to pass through the USA on their way to Europe?

Tijuana answers:

Randy is correct. There are no such things as transit visas anymore. She will go through a customs check and wait in a special lounge for international travellers. You can go to the website below, enter Meico as her country, U.S.A. As the transit country, and Germany as the destination, then click for the info to confirm this information.

Richard asks…

How long in advance do you need to apply for a Transit Visa through Canada?

I am a US Citizen, so this doesn’t apply to me. My girlfriend is a Mexico citizen, and now Canada requires visas of Mexicans. We were going to Niagra Falls, and then she was going to stay with her cousin in Detroit. She already has a US Visa, but she is not a permanent resident. If she was to tavel through Ontario on the way to Detroit, it would be 3 weeks from now. Is that enough time to get a transit visa?

Tijuana answers:

If she is going INTO the province of Ontario from Niagara Falls, NY to go to Detrioit, is not considered a transit visa anymore. It is just a visitor’s visa.

So unfortunately, you would need to go through the process of applying for a Canadian visa, preferbly while she is in Mexico. I do not know if she can apply for one while she is in the US.

You and your girlfriend can just visit Niagara Falls , in NY state, without having to go to Niagara Falls, Ontario. Then your girlfriend remains in the USA. Then fly, bus or whatever transport you need from Buffalo to Detroit.

Jenny asks…

What does an ecuadorian need to get into canada?

My parents are visiting the U.S from Ecuador on a travel visa and they want to go to Niagra Falls on the Canada side. Do they need an additional Visa to enter Canada and reenter the U.S. Or is the US visa good enough? Also, they want to see the Pyramids of Mexico….same question. Thans so much!

Tijuana answers:

No idea on Mexican requirements, but an American visa isn’t worth the paper its printed on in Canada. We are two completely separate countries. Your parents most definitely need a visa to visit Canada.

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