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Your Questions About Google Mexico Jobs

Jenny asks…

Any good websites do get resort work in Mexico ?

Im looking for some really good websites advertising for resort work in Mexico. Id also like some good job websites for some work around Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Victoria etc

Ive done a lot of google searching but not found anything solid, just the odd good website out of a lot of bad ones.

Tijuana answers:

In Mexico resort jobs are almost always filled by Mexicans that speak English, French, German, Japanese etc.

The federal law in Mexico only allows any company operating in Mexico, foreign or Mexican to have a maximum of 10% foreign employees. Even then, the company must submit a job offer letter and supporting documents (why they are hiring a foreigner instead of a Mexican) to the Mexican National Institute of Immigration and requesting a 1 year work visa. In the meantime you can’t legally work and if you get caught, you get deported. It can take 1 to 4 months to get a work permit.

Best bet for work in a resort area is selling time shares to foreigners, but the market is bad right now.

Ken asks…

What is the difference between Brazil, Argentina and Mexico?

Which country has most of these living conditions?
And what is more likely to find a good job?
And what are the most beautiful?

Tijuana answers:

I do not know very well the difference between these countries. Economy and living conditions, I think are good looking, but I think Argentina is in better living conditions. As for culture, are quite different from each other. I’m from Brazil and modesty part I think Brazil is more beautiful. You are from the USA or some other country?

PS: Sorry if my English is bad, I’m not very good, I went on Google Translate.

John asks…

How to get a job teaching English as a foreign langauge?

I am currently getting my B.A. in English. I am very skilled in reading and writing. I also understand grammar rules many native English speakers do not; the different between lay and lie for example.

How do I go about doing this? I would prefer to work either in the United States, Europe, or Mexico.

I am currently learning Spanish, this is the only foreign language I have any knowledge of.

Tijuana answers:

Many people have entered the ESL/EFL teaching field without formal training, but these days it has gotten much harder to do so. Getting a good job certainly requires either experience in the field or some type of formal training that you can document. (A fly-by-night certificate that offers little real training is probably not going to be recognized.)

I’m not saying it’s not possible, just difficult. It would also be good for *you* not to get up in front of a class without some better understanding of how to teach a variety of different kinds of learners.

The grammar rule you mention, lie vs. Lay, is not the most important type for teaching. Can you explain the difference between using the simple past and the present perfect? Examples to explain:
I have been here since 3:00.
They have gone there three times.
He went there at 3:00.
When they were children, they went there three times.

One type of certificate that is well known is the CELTA (you can google it). It is well-known internationally. Many colleges and universities offer TEFL/TESL certificates, but you should make sure, if you decide to get one, that it has a practical training component.

– Without an EU passport, it is very difficult to get a teaching job in Europe, though not impossible.
– In the US, without an MA for community college or above and for K-12 without specific certification in ESL, it would be difficult to get a *full-time* teaching job. You might be able to get part-time teaching work.
– Mexico might be more possible, but the jobs you could get without more training would be the poorer ones.
– If you are able to join the Peace Corps, they will give you training and it’s a good background for getting a job later on:

(1) A discussion group where you can ask a lot of question relative to ESL/EFL employment (as well as see actual job ads) on which the posters are pretty reliable:
(2) A job board with ads paid for by employers (and reliability of employers not guaranteed):
(3) A job board with discussion and jobs (but the reliability of either the quality of the jobs or the advice which is offered is very iffy):
(4) Jobs posted on a professional ESL organization website:

Good luck!

George asks…

How hard is to get a job in canada?

Hello, i´d like to see what do y ou need to work on Canada in areas related to IT ( information security, networking, cell phone operators) what do i need, I´m from mexico and i want to go there and start a new life, so if u can help me, i´ll appreciate.

Tijuana answers:

I live in Alberta, Canada, and just happen to have had a Mexican citizen staying at my place through the summer. He started out painting for $15/hr while looking for a position that was more in his field. There are many, many jobs here in Calgary, just google Calgary jobs and see what comes up. It’s very expensive to live here, but it can certainly be done…..but the cold!! There is the shocker to people who have lived in a tropical climate all their lives…..pack lots of warm clothes!

Susan asks…

Can i use a recruitment agency to market me in the job market?

I’m new to the job market in the US.
I work in the IT field and i was wondering if there any kind of employment or recruitment agencies that will do the opposite of what usually happens, Instead of finding candidates based on employer’s openings, they would try to market me and find me job opportunities based on my experience and skill set.

Is this available in the US job market ? if yes can you give me a few names to start with ?

Tijuana answers:

In the Obama economy, their is a light demand for talented employees, unfortunately. And this affects talented workers from outside the country even worse. So I doubt you would get any value of using an employment agency. ( A google search on H1B visa will be 99% scams to get your money). The current trend is for U.S. Companies to recruit for jobs hosted in other countries, so you would probably have better luck in identifying those countries and applying there. Hottest markets for international jobs for U.S. Companies are probably India, Mexico, and eastern Europe states.

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