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Your Questions About Maxi Cosi

Jenny asks…

How do I refit the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix car seat cover after washing?

I have taken the cover off the MaxiCosi Cabriofix car seat as I smells as if my cats have wee’d on it. However, I am not sure about refitting it, in particular the strap parts. Any ideas?

Tijuana answers:

Here are the instructions (a link to a page where you can download the full manual is below – you may want to start at and select your own country just in case there are any differences – the link is for the UK version.) Sorry, if you already have the instruction manual, this probably doesn’t help.

The company also have some videos on YouTube eg it may help to watch it to see if you can pick up some clues about where the straps should go through (I checked, and it didn’t show fitting the cover, sorry :-))

6.2 Removing the cover
• First remove the belt pads.
• Open the rim at the sun canopy as far as possible (21 & 22).
• Remove the cover from the hooks (8x) (27).
• Remove the cover then from under the hooks and quick adjuster button (28).
• Pull the buckle tongue sections and adjustment strap through the openings.
6.3 Refitting the cover
• To refit the cover, carry out the above instructions in reverse order.
• Make sure that the lower section of the cover flaps over the uppersection.
• When closing the rim, make sure the sun canopy is stored properly in the rim.
• Fasten the adjustment strap under the shell again.

Paul asks…

Can anybody tell me where i can get the fixing bar for the back of a maxi cosi car seat?

I have a maxi cosi, but the shoulder straps wont stay tight. I believe there is a small bar that goes through the 2 straps at the back of the seat.

Tijuana answers:

If you’re in the UK- Maxi Cosi will sort out spare parts if you call them on 0208 236 0707

John asks…

If i buy a maxi cosi priorifix for my 10 month old do I still need a base even though my car has isofix?

I want to buy a Maxi Cosi PrioriFix for my youngest, our car has been fitted with Isofix. Would anyone know if we have to buy the base for the car seat or can we just buy the car seat?

Tijuana answers:

You dont have to buy the base, but if you have isofix in your car it means it is easier to attach the base safely into the car, we use the maxi-cosi without the base just using the seatbelt, have done for 9 months now and it is fine, I just saw the base as an expensive waste of money as they are only in the car seat 5 minutes then you have to spend anoth £100+ on the next size up.

Chris asks…

What is the best single buggy to go with a maxi cosi?

i have a quinny zapp already and im buying a maxi cosi, i know they go in this pram but not sure whether they are that sturdy with the zapp, can anyone recommend a pram for the maxi cosi, one that is compact as i have a small car at the moment and won’t be changing it for a while. Or would the zapp be ok? thanks

Tijuana answers:

Most of the buggies that go with the Maxi Cosi infant carrier are quite bulky (Bugaboo, Quinny, Icandy etc) but I just used to take the parcel shelf out of my little hatchback to fit the buggy in. I found the infant carrier absolutely fine on the Quinny frame and very easy to fit and remove although mine was a Quinny Buzz I think, I didn’t they fitted on to the Zapp too.

James asks…

How well does the Maxi-Cosi Mura fit into the boot of a New Beetle?

We’re trying to decide between the MaxiCosi Mura and the Quinny Buzz, but won’t be able to see the Mura in person before we buy (ex-pat living in Boston). We know the Quinny 3-wheeler fits into the boot of our Beetle but would like to know how well the Mura (3 or 4) fits. Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

? Wrong section?

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