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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico

Steven asks…

How much should i tip in Mexico?

I am going to Mexico in March and just wondered how much is normal to tip. For example, staying in an all inclusive resort how much should i tip the housekeeper daily? and also the waiting staff and bar staff. I also heard that Dollars are no longer accepted ans a frequent method of payment and now its only Mexico Pesos??. I would be grateful of any help!

Tijuana answers:

I’m not sure it’s customary to tip waiting staff and bar staff at the hotel resorts but in restaurants on the streets they seem fine with 10 to 20 pesos depending on cost of food. I usually throw down 200 pesos at the end of my trip for the cleaning staff but I have been considering giving 300 bcuz they work SO hard.

Richard asks…

How much should I tip in Mexico?

I am going to Cancun in a week and didn’t know the appropriate amount that I should tip while I am there. I will be staying at an allinclusive resort, as well as getting airport transfers (to/from hotel) and going on a tour that lasts all day.

Any help would be appreciated!

Tijuana answers:

No tips are required at all inclusive. The maids don`t share or get a part of your money and are the least paid. Always good to leave $25.00 for a week. Believe me that does not go to cigarettes, booze or drugs…..need I say more.
If it is you and the bartender a tip of $5.00 is good. Since you will Not be presented with a bill after eating and drinking you won`t have to put out any money. Makes it inconvenient and how does one apply a %.

Despite all the glitz and glamor in Cancun Mexicans work for a fraction of what you may think and the deception is it may seem they are being paid $150.00 usd a day . The minimum wage is 60 mxn pesos a day = to $5.00 usd a Day.


The airport in Cancun is under the absolute control of the federal government. Hotel shuttles can not pick you up under any circumstances. They also dictate conditions of licence and fares such as quality and safety. That makes them expensive and safe for the tourist.
Tour bus drivers are very polite and well mannered and well dressed and deserve a $5.00 tip if you are satisfied with the service to Chichen Itza for example.

Ken asks…

Can you go visit other all-inclusive resorts in Mexico if you have friends staying there?

I’m going on spring break in Mexico to playa del carmen and staying at the Riu Tequila hotel. I have a bunch of friends staying at the Sandos Caracol Resort. I’m wondering if I’m able to go visit them and hang out with them at their hotel during the day since you’re suppoes to have wristbands and everything? Does anyone know if thats generally okay with those hotels down there? Or those two hotels specifically?

Tijuana answers:

You can visit them at the resort but you will need a day pass that you can buy at the front desk 40-90 dollars. They will not let you in the resort without the wristband because of the allinclusive.

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