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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Cancun

Mandy asks…

I am trying to find a good deal for an all inclusive trip to mexico?

Just wanted to see if anyone new of a good website to find a good deal for an all inclusive resort to cancun or cozumel or anywhere that way? Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

See if you like any deals on the link:

Susan asks…

What are some good vacations spots in Mexico besides CAncun?

I’m planning a trip to Mexico with some friends in the winter and we want to go to Mexico but not cancan, it’s to Americanized and we want to do some adventurous things. Any suggestions?

Tijuana answers:

Pto Vallarta is great. We stay at Hotel Friendly a all inclusive resort. The malecon is great with many great shops.
Also Manzanillo is a great beach town. We stay at the Barcelo Resort there. It is also a all inclusive resort. At Manzanillo you can dreive to Barra de Navidad or Melaque two great beach towns. In Manzanillo it is more of a Mexican vacation town. The people there are great.

Donna asks…

I am looking for a good party all-inclusive in Cancun?

Me and a couple friends are looking for the best party allinclusive resort in Cancun.
Anyone have any suggestions from experience?

We are interested in party’s and yet still awesome beach life, with good bars!

Tijuana answers:

Wooo dear u have best choice for your party this is nice place for the parties go there and enjoy your party. Because Cancun is best place of Mexico to spend your vacation. Cancun really makes your holidays thrill. Cancun is a picturesque coast of the Caribbean offering the wonder of the beautiful Mexico and the rich Latin culture. One can rejuvenate in the lush green beach coasts covered with shimmery sand at the coastal areas. The enthralling aquatic life and beautiful flora and fauna take you to a completely new level of travel experience.


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