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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Couples

Carol asks…

What is the best party all-inclusive hotel in Cabo!?

Me and my buddies are wanting an AllInclusive, cheaper, party hotel in Cabo. We’re traveling in mid September. And Should I look in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose Del Cabo? I’m confused about the two… Please help.. Any and all tips help..

Tijuana answers:

Hola! There is a distinctive difference between the two towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. SJD is really quiet and quaint but has more all-inclusives, CSL is the party town but only has a couple all-inclusives.

So, judging from your question, you should stay in CSL. The best party all inclusive would be the Riu Palace or Riu Sante Fe. There are only a couple other options, one is the Pueblo Bonito and then the Villas (del arco, del parmar).

As far as cheap goes, there is no such thing in Cabo!! We are the most expensive resort in Mexico. If you really really must go cheap, then look into places like Mazatlan or Puerta Vallarta instead. There really isn’t much different between resort towns in mexico. Same food, same activities, same beaches, same bars, same trinkets!!

Paul asks…

Any recommendations for an adults only all inclusive resort?

My girlfriend and I spent 7 days together at Secrets Punta Cana last year and absolutely loved it. It was all inclusive adults only and had so much to offer. We had such a great time. We are now trying to figure out where to go this year. Does anyone know of a good all inclusive adults only resort for about $3000 total? We’re kinda looking somewhere else other then cancun, riviera, and mexico. Any recommendations would be appreciated, thanks!

Tijuana answers:

We stayed in Jamaica at Sandals Negril for our honeymoon, and I would definitely recommend it for you. Sandals resorts are not only adults only, but couples only (mostly honeymooners), so you avoid most of the swingers and spring breakers at Hedonism and the other resorts. Tipping and transfers are also included (be ready to tip at the airport). If you like excursions, Sandals Ocho Rios is closer to most of them. Depending on when you go, you should be able to get 6-7 nights for under $3000. I think Jamaica is definitely next for you, and Punta Cana is next for us.

Joseph asks…

What is Aruba like? Is it a good vacation spot?

In a couple weeks im going to the all inclusive Tamarijn resort in Aruba. I’ve never been there but if anyone has i would love to hear about it!

Tijuana answers:

First off the first person posting here did not read your question very well, you did NOT say you didn’t know where it was, you said you have never been there, big difference, many here read too fast i guess.

But i do agree with them totally that all-inclusive at times can be a bad idea, there are some places where it is a good idea, like mexico or the dominican republic, but aruba is so small and has so many nice places to eat of different types of foods it’s best to get out and explore, also you get tired of eating at the same place all your meals day after day, and if you really do your math using the figure that you are paying for your stay compared to that same room without the all-inclusive added on you’d see fast that you sure as all heck better do a lot of eating and drinking to make it actually add up for you to make it worth it..

As far as going there and never have been there or not knowing anything about it, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, a very long time ago i asked my spouse where she’d like to go, at that point we had not been vacationing for awhile, she pointed out Aruba, sort of like throwing a dart at a map, we went and never stopped going, it is as good of a spot as any i’d say, the reason it’s so popular with americans is that it has gotten so american like…

No that fond of the Tamarin however, only because it can get too crowded,.i rather head more north but still on manchebo/eagle beach… Nicer wider beach and less people, that is of course whether or not you come from crowds, we don’t……

A lot also depends on your age as to what to do there,if any questions do not be afraid to write me, i’ll do my best to steer you straight, after all we work hard for our money these days.

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