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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Couples

Donald asks…

Should I go on a cruise or an all-inclusive Mexico resort?

I’m leaning towards cruise. Recommendations? I would like the cruise to be allinclusive including alcohol if possible. Also, one that goes to good places.
I heard that for some you just stop on an island for a few hours and they give you options to do a couple different expensive things, and I would prefer something where you don’t have to spend a lot of extra money to do other things.
Sounds like the verdict is the all inclusive resorts. Besides eating, drinking, and being by the pool/ocean, what things are there to do? It seems like it would get boring just sitting around all day?

Tijuana answers:

I prefer the cruise and there is plenty to do on a cruise, they plan lots of activities, and shows.

I prefer Carnival, but it does not include alcohol, spa, coffee shop, or the Casino. Everything else is included

most Lines you will have to buy your drinks
the Lines that include alcohol are:
Yachts Seabourne
Regents Seventh Seas

Joseph asks…

what is the best cruise line for a first time cruise goer?

we are wanting to go on a cruise for our anniversary… any suggestions on the best cruise line for a first time cruise seeker? as far as cost efficiency and time of year to go… our anniversary is in sept. and we would like to go on a warm cruise not like maybe mexico or bahamas? any suggestions on location would be great too.

Tijuana answers:

A cruise is a great idea. In response to the other post, an all-inclusive resort is an okay idea until you compare the cost. With international airfare and the high price of the resort, the all-inclusives I’ve priced always end up costing 3x the price of a cruise. What do you get for the extra hundreds of dollars you pay that you don’t get on a cruise? Not a lot. Throw in the extra inconvenience of (more) flights, and the cruise is just a better experience in my book.

Destinations: the Bahamas is kind of overrated in my opinion. If you do Caribbean, look for destinations more in the Eastern / Southern end such as St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, etc. I also enjoy going to Mexico more than the Bahamas. If you’ve never been, Cozumel is a perfectly acceptable cruise destination. I’ve been there a couple times and still enjoy it.

It’s hard to beat Carnival for low fares. Their ships range from brand new to around 20 years old, so try to find a newer ship such as Dream. The older ships are maintained well, but will lack features that you’ll find on the newer ones. Carnival is a pretty good line, despite some things you hear.

I would recommend a cruise of about 7 days in length for first-timers. I would not go less than 5 days, for sure. Use a good cruise search engine to compare rates and find a good price. Travelocity’s cruise search is pretty good if you use the ‘advanced’ search options. has a very good search engine too. (Both are travel agents, but you can book your cruise direct with the line if you prefer).

Just to give you an idea of what’s out there. Carnival has a 7 night cruise departing Miami on September 25, 2010 on Carnival Liberty, built in 2005. It goes to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Ocho Rios, Jamaica. You can get an oceanview cabin on this sailing for $449 per person (plus tax), an excellent deal.

The Emerald Princess leaving Fort Lauderdale on September 12 is also an excellent value at just $545 for Oceanview. (Princess is a good bit more upscale than Carnival.)

If you do decide to cruise, check into the passport situation now. Many “closed loop” cruises can be done without passport, but it’s still a very good idea to have one. If you needed to fly home in an emergency, you can’t do so without a passport. A passport will cost you about $125 per person and they take a month or two to process. A passport is good for ten years.

If you have more questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Good luck.

Richard asks…

How many mexican pesos are sufficient for TWO WEEKS in Cancun?

I’m planning two weeks in Cancun with my girlfriend in 2013, I understand that there is a good exchange rate from pound sterling to mexican pesos. However I need to know how much mexican good cost, from food to gifts etc.

Our holiday will be mostly lazing around the beaches, a couple of visits to downtown as well as other attractions, eating out every night (restaurants or street food, not fussed), and beverages during the day as well as a good drink in the evening.

With this kind of holiday, what would be a good amount of pesos for each of us, baring in mind that during the day we will be soaking up the sun.

Only people with a background knowledge, ie stayed in Mexico etc leave answers please.

Tijuana answers:

It depends whether your going all inclusive, ive been to mexico 5 times, different resorts each time and all have been all inclusive, the food in most 4 stars and 5 stars in mexico are very good, so if you are then you wont need much, we take money to go on the trips, there are some fantastice trips to go on but they cost money.. Cenote trips, chitzen itza, tulum, the night club coco bongo is amazing, high wire acts over your head, unbelievable. But any i wont go on. If you are staying in a non all inclusive, it depends what you like eating, if you do mexican then taco’s and burrito’s are cheap as hell and fill you up if you get 2 for virtually nothing, although hygiene in the towns is not great i dont think anything will kill you, ive never been ill of the food in mexico but the all inclusive resorts guarantee this as they are all superb.. Have not been to mexico for 2 years so im not sure if there ha been any changes to currecny levels. Any questions get in touch..hope this helps.. BEST HOLIDAYS I HAVE EVER HAD HAVE BEEN IN MEXICO..

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