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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Couples

Helen asks…

All inclusive resort within short distance to downtown with great night life ? Carribean?

Hi does anybody know any great resort , all inclusive ? I ve been to Mexico last year and really enjoy it , trying to find somewhere new to go

Tijuana answers:

For couples: (especially the royal bahamian, montego bay, or negril resort)

For everyone: (especially the negril resort)

For anyone on a budget: (either resort)

Donna asks…

Looking for ideas on a romantic vacation when I get back from the sandbox.?

I’m thinking of going south. Mexico seems to be a good choice. I would apreciate any advice here.

Tijuana answers:

I always tell people that Mexico is the best value for an all inclusive vacation. Resorts in the Riviera Maya would be a great choice as well as resorts in the Mexican Riviera. Outside of Mexico I would suggest a Breezes, Couples or Sandals resort in Jamaica.

Michael asks…

How can I avoid diarrhea in Mexico?

Staying at a nice resort, which I assume is safe, but I’d like to experience local life as much as possible
Staying at a nice resort, but I also want to expierence local stuff.

I know to drink bottled water, but what about the food — isn’t that cooked with local water?

Tijuana answers:

I travel to Mexico ALL the time, and am, in fact, writing this from Mexico (saludos de Guanajuato), where I’ve been for the last 8 months. So, here’s an answer from experience.
The one guy, with the answer about resort food, was right on about that. I don’t know where you are going, or where you are staying, but if its a major all-inclusive in Cancun, avoid the catering for most of the day (supper is usually ok, tho) and request food off the “menu,” stuff like burgers and fries and the like. Yeah, its not the healthiest stuff around, but its clean, your body is used to it, and you’re getting relatively fresh cooked food. And all-inclusive means its free, so go wild. If you are at a major resort, don’t WORRY about the water, as most luxury hotels have facility-wide water filtration, which means you can drink it, brush your teeth with it, have sexual activity in it, whatever. But make sure you use common sense and ASK. If you’re staying in a lower budget price range, where the hotel doesn’t have filtration, its still ok to brush your teeth with local water (I do it everyday – just dont DRINK it, fer chrissake), though if you’re only staying a week or something, go ahead and splurge on a bottle to use for teeth cleaning.
The advice on eating at places where there is a lot of business is sound, but not fool-proof. I’ve been coming down here for years, but I got sick last week at the beach, and I ate at one of the busiest taco joints in town (and the food was really tasty). Sometimes stuff happens. If you do get sick, forego the pepto and go pick up a three dollar bottle of penicillin from any pharmacy, that is, if you’re not allergic to it. It will knock out whatever ails you in about a day, but make sure you FINISH the bottle, even when you’re all better. As a general rule for street food, avoid lettuce and strawberries at all costs. Otherwise, if it looks good, dig in. Tacos de pastor with onion, cilantro, salsa and fresh lime are ALWAYS a safe, and tasty, option. I’ll leave it to you to find other stuff. Just use common sense – if a “spicy chicken” sandwich from a fast food joint is your idea of “spicy,” think twice about ordering that torta with extra jalapenos.
I hope you have an awesome trip, and don’t get tummy trubble, because it can really ruin your trip if you’re only staying a couple of days. Hope these tips will help. Oh, last thing. Don’t worry about breads/pastries. You pick those out yourself with tongs, and they are placed in bags at the “register” with the same tongs, so enjoy!

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