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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Couples

William asks…

what is the best Caribbean island for a quiet family vacation?

want nature, ocean, sports. not bars or entertainment.

what is the best island and travel agency and/or places to stay

Tijuana answers:

There are a few possibilities you could look at. Here are a few to consider….when I list these please keep in mind some of these islands have limited flight options to where flights are more costly than other destinations where there is more flight service. Depending on the budget you are trying to stay around it is possible then there are other choices that might be better. For now I will answer the question at hand and go from there.

St. Lucia is the Hawaii of the Caribbean with waterfalls, rain forest, lush grounds, twin peak pitons, black sand beaches, flowers galore, etc. Probably the best to get an All-Inclusive then all of your needs are at that resort.

Turks and Caicos is really a gorgeous island. In fact just recently this year have they started allowing a very select amount of cruise ships (I wish they hadn’t however). There are several protected reefs in the area making for excellent diving or snorkeling. There is a Beaches resort that is perfect with families and you have Gourmet meals, Premium drinks, motorized and non-motorized sports, tipping, etc. That is all included.

Jamaica is going to be one of those islands that will be better in price over these two listed above. There are many islands in the Caribbean that as far as nature is concerned there isn’t a lot to do, but in Ocho Rios, Jamaica there are a few choices such as Canopy swinging through the trees, climbing Dunn’s River Falls (600 ft falls), Horseback riding on the beach, golfing, ATV riding, boating, etc. Jamaica has a lot of couples resorts so there aren’t as many family resorts to choice from. The one in Ocho Rios I would say is Beaches Boscobel Resort. The resort includes green fees, however not the caddy, cart and clubs which are additional.

I’m not even an agent who only advises of the Beaches resorts, but they really are resorts that you don’t even have to leave if you don’t want to. I have also had excellent luck with them in the past. What are the ages of your kids traveling? That to could help to determine where the best place is for your family. If your kids are older then that could change my answer on all except for St. Lucia.

There is one more location I would like to throw in there. I know you said Caribbean, however this place is in Mexico on the Caribbean Side called the Mayan Riviera area or you could stay by town which is Playa Del Carmen. There are so many options here such as Xcaret an eco-archaeological theme park where you can swim with the dolphins, tubing down the Underground River, snorkeling, diving, cultural shows, archaeological sites, etc. You can go to Xpu-Ha, Xel-Ha, Chichen-Itza, Tulum, Coba, Ek-Balam/city of Valladolid, etc. These are all Mayan Ancient civilizations to explore.

Just a very incredible active area where you can be as active or as lazy as you like. This area is going to be strictly All Inclusive resorts. The Mayan Riviera is south of Cancun to where you fly into. Transfers would be provided in your package. Cancun and Mayan Riviera area are total opposites on that Cancun is high-rise hotels and Mayan Riviera area has resorts that are not much taller than the palm trees most of the time. So that in itself creates a beautiful atmosphere and remains lush looking. You can also take a ferry over to Cozumel and rent motorized scooters to tour the island or they have some of the best diving/snorkeling in the world. There are many family friendly resorts here as well. Just thought I would throw this in there because I think it is definitely worth considering!

There are so many lovely islands in the Caribbean this is only to list a small few as there are other islands that could easily fit what you are wanting. Let me know if there is anything further I can do to assist you with your family vacation. Feel free to email me.

Otherwise if you already have an agent lined up I truly wish you a fantastic holiday!

Carol asks…

Is there a hotel resort in cancum mexico that have kareoke.?

I thinking of going to cancun mexico and there are so many resorts. I love singing so I want to go to a kareoke bar. I need to know if anyone has been there and what they observed. Even its not kareoke tell me of some other fun stuff the have to do there.

Tijuana answers:

It’s “karaoke” and “Cancun”, by the way…

But there are a couple of hotels that have karaoke and lots of other cool things going on:

Beach Palace All Inclusive
“In the evenings, theme buffets are laid out by the pool and are followed by karaoke, dance music, or a Mexican and Mayan song-and-dance show produced by the resort’s entertainment staff.”

Barcelo Tucancun Beach All Inclusive
“Nightly theme performances, karaoke…”

Temptation Resort all Inclusive (formerly Blue bay Getaway)
“Guests must be at least 21 years of age as this resort allows topless sunbathing. Nightly entertainment includes music/dance shows, karaoke, beer-drinking contests, and women’s and men’s “leg shows.””


Lisa asks…

Planning a trip to Cancun for our Anniversary, which hotel zone all inclusive resort is the absolute best?

We would like to have a romantic couples massage, do alot of relaxing, snorkeling, enjoy the beach,hot tub and pools (swim up bar would be nice too), shopping, going out at night, and enjoy great food and drinks of course! And anything else wonderful that anyone would like to suggest as a must do when visiting Cancun!

Tijuana answers:

Happy Anniversary, eh?

As a fan of the Yucatan, but not Cancun, I would suggest you consider Cancun’s classier neighbour, Playa Del Carmen. You’ll find the bars are more chic, the shopping less touristy and the overall vibe more relaxed and cosmopolitan, less spring break and work junkets.

You’ll have the same beautiful beach, just without the mass of white and red bodies. It’s also more likely that you’ll get a feel for Mexico rather than the sun of Mexico and what seems like a town of hotel employees and their guests.

There are all-inclusive resorts in Playa, all of the more boutique variety. There are also a couple of day-spas within walking distance of the beach, the bars and the hotels. You are also just across from the island of Cozumel, without the need for the overpriced day trips offered by Cancun’s hotel trade.

After many trips to both areas, I would definitely recommend Playa for a chic, authentic trip – it’s always more romantic taking an evening walk without being followed by bell-boys wanting tips. You can take a bus, a collectivo (a mini-van) or a taxi from Cancun airport to Playa – it takes about 15-20 minutes more than the journey into Cancun’s hotel district.


Take a look at the reviews on Trip Advisor and, if you don’t like the idea of Playa, then you can change the reviews to Cancun! There are lots.


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