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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Honeymoons

James asks…

what honeymoon should I go to when i get married?

i was trying to look for the honeymoon but all these places are great so can u at least tell me what honeymoon we should go to.

Tijuana answers:

Go to an all inclusive destination. Less to worry about. I recommend Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Near Cancun and Cozumel. We stayed at an Iberostar resort. Very nice. Great food. Plenty of cheap shopping near by (quick cab ride). And tons of excursions. When you stay at an Iberostar resort, you can spend the day at one of their other resorts.

Nancy asks…

We are looking for a nice but yet affordable honeymoon location in the Bahamas.?

We want something that is possibly all inclusive or not depends where we can go jet skiing, tubing, snorkeling, etc. We want to keep a five day trip under $3000 though.

Tijuana answers:

Check out Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort. Here is a link

Two other destinations to check into is Riviera Maya, Mexico or Punta Cana Dominican Republic. They are great locations for all-inclusive resorts.



Carol asks…

Where to go for 1st vacation? Jamaica or Mexico in March?

My husband and I are planning our first vacation (It’s also a 3 year belated honeymoon) I can’t decide between Jamaica or Mexico. We want somewhere warm and dry and allinclusive. Any recommendations?
I was in the military for 11 years and have been to many places around the world. My husband has never left the states. We are from Oregon. We are looking for something pretty laid back. Not horribly crowded but not so private that you miss out on some of the ammeneties.

Tijuana answers:

You didn’t say where you live. It would depend on where you want to travel from in the US.

Of course, it is closer to Mexico if you live near the Mexican border, or large cities with direct air to the tourist spots in Mexico.

If you live on the East Coast, obviously, it is easier and less expensive to get to Jamaica. Again, if you live near a big city with a major airport that has direct flights to Jamaica, it would be a lot easier than inland somewhere in the Midwest.

OK, here are the factors that may be determinative for you:
Do you speak any Spanish? That makes a difference. You might want a guided tour with a group if you know no Spanish at all, and want to travel to Mexico. But in tourist cities and resorts, you will not find any lack of people who speak English. Obviously, there is no language problem in Jamaica.

Have you studied the culture and history of either or both countries? Do you intend to swim? Do you scuba? Fish? Is boating your thrill? That might indicate Jamaica is for you. Or are you land-lubbers that want to visit tourist sites on land, such as the Mayan or Aztec culture sites? Then, it is Mexican tours that you might like.

How long do you intend to stay? If only less than a week, you may decide on a more geographically-focused area rather than spending all your time traveling around the country. Maybe Jamaica, since it is not a large island. Mexico is a big place, but you can spend your whole vacation at one resort.

There are plenty of websites for the Convention and Visitor’s Authority for both countries. Get some brochures from a travel agent as well, to see what you can get within your price range at good quality hotels and resorts. If you are adventuresome, you can travel alone; or if you want some tours and guides then a quality package tour may be for you.

Whatever you decide, ….after 3 years, you deserve the best and the most enjoyable time on your delayed honeymoon. Pick a place for newlyweds, and get romantic. Bon Voyage !

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