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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Honeymoons

Betty asks…

Has anyone been to Aventura Spa Palace in Rivera Maya, Mexico? If so, what did you think?

We booked this allinclusive resort for our honeymoon. We’ve never been to Mexico or to an allinclusive resort. So I was just looking for others opinions of this place. Thanks!!

Tijuana answers:

I stayed there in Jan 07 . It was my 3rd time to Riviera Maya , ( the first 2 times we stayed at Secrets Capri ) . Adventura Spa palace is nice … The pool & food really good , the rooms were so-so ( bathrooms need some updating ) . The only thing we did not like about this resort was there is no beach access . They have a nice lagoon area to swim/snorkle in but if you like walking on the sand down the beach this is not the place for you ! Other than the lack of beach its all good !

Laura asks…

What are the best places for a tropical beach wedding?

We would like to have a simple wedding combined with honeymoon somewhere on a tropical beach. Very simple, no guests, no reception, just the two of us. Somewhere very pieceful, and private with dinner for 2 and some spa treatments. Would like it to be affordable. I looked at a lot of websites for Mexico, Carribean, Jamaica and my head started to spin.

Has anyone had a similar beach wedding and loved it? Please share your experience about your wedding & location or a specific resort. Thank you!

Tijuana answers:

If there’s a place that’s special to the two of you, then that would be the place. Otherwise, I’d agree with Hawaii. There are a lot of beautiful beaches, and it’s part of the U.S. So the laws are the same (just check into it before you go – they used to have quite a wait after you applied for the license before you could get married).

I would not recommend one of those “all inclusive” places like Jamaica where they do the wedding at the resort. The resorts are great (THAT part I’d recommend), but the weddings we watched while we were there were so impersonal – it was just like a big assembly line. If I’d been a bride like that I would have cried, and not from joy.


Susan asks…

what is best all inclusive resort?

I am trying to plan a honeymoon for next summer. I would like to go somewhere tropical, and not in Mexico. Price really isn’t an issue. But we would really like to have everything included into the resort price, such as drinks (alcoholic), and dining. We both scuba so we would like to find a place that has that available too.

Tijuana answers:

Since tastes vary depending on the person ans what works for some may not work for others, may I recommend this link: This way you can see what the DR has to offer and can make an informed decision based on the reviews of different people, what is it you would like, and such. I hope you have a really good time as DR is an awesome place. Congratulation on your wedding!! 🙂

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