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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Spring Break

Richard asks…

Best place for a college student to stay in Cancun for Spring Break?

I am needing suggestions for an allinclusive resort where a majority of the college students stay during Spring Break? Thanks in advance! 🙂

Tijuana answers:

Your best bet is NOT to go to Mexico!! Do you watch the news?? A mother and child were just killed going to Veracruz. I traveled over an entire 1/2 of the country of Mexico in 1972, and it was dangerous then. I would not dare go there now, even all-inclusive. It’s not worth it. Have you gone to the area of Pensacola, Florida before? It’s fabulous white sand beaches are amazing, and it’s cheap to stay there, compared to other places.

Lizzie asks…

How safe is Cozumel, Mexico for Spring Break 2011?

If I would be at an All Inclusive resort so I wouldn’t really need to leave, if I did it would just be the shopping area by where the cruise ships come in. How safe is it? How worried do I need to be?

Tijuana answers:

Worry you might receive a nasty sun burn

That area of Mexico is quite safe

I´m living in a suppose “dangerous” city
I can tell you most of all is a mexican media thing, they only want to talk about the subject.
Imagine if all nationwide news from ABC NBC CBS FOX NEWS and CNN only talk of every single violent crime by gangs all over the states.
The neighboring state of Yucatan has a crime rate similar to Switzerland; there are problematic areas none close to Cancun
I recently saw a publication of the FBI that had the number for assassinations in the US for 2009. There were 16+ thousand, if people say Mexico has a body count of 30 thousand deaths over 5 years that means 6 thousand per year. That is almost one third of the US rate.
It depends on how you look at the numbers
There are problematic areas but none of them in the tourist beach areas
Cozumel is an island where only people related to tourist activities go.

Lisa asks…

What is the exact name and location of the popular Oasis Cancun for spring break?

There are so many Oasis’. Im trying to book in the main one that everyone talks about. All inclusive. Also, does all inclusive mean alcohol as well?

Tijuana answers:

The address for Oasis Cancun is:

Boulevard Kukulkan, Km 16.5 | Zona Hotelera, Cancun 77500, Mexico

All inclusive means Unlimited Beverages Including Domestic Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic at any of the Resort Bars.

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