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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Spring Break

George asks…

what are the best cancun resorts for teens over spring break?

does anyone no any fun all inclusive hotels over spring break where all the parties are and there is really no drinking age me and my firends are 15 and 16 i dont want a queit hotel i want to party!!

Tijuana answers:

To get to Cancun I assume you are going to fly.If so you will need a passport and if you are not traveling with your parents you will need a notarized letter from your parents giving you permission to travel out of the country.
This information from the US Customs; “All adults and children need to have a passport to fly to Mexico, and children ( anyone under the age of 18) traveling without both their parents must have a letter from their parents authorizing the travel.”
Now here in Cancun you must be at least 18 years old at least, most places are 21, and have a valid credit card, that matches the name on the passport.
Most hotels here in Cancun are all inclusive meaning their guests do not pay for beverage and meals so they all must wear an wrist band. You will get a wrist band at your hotel for your hotel only and will not be allowed to enter another hotels property. The security is extremely tough and there is no way to sneak in! The drinking age here is 18 and yes the chance to get a drink is highly probable but not at all inclusive hotels without that wrist band. The clubs might let you in but I highly doubt it. Now I know you have heard stories and know of many people 15 and 16 who party down here so talk to them.

Mandy asks…

Anyone know of some top all inclusive party resorts in Cancun Mexico?

I am planing a trip to cancun mexico with my girlfriend. We would just like some suggestions on some resorts to stay in. Hopefully something near the party district (coco bongo)

Tijuana answers:

You might see a little spring break madness but it should be fun. Cancun is an awesome party place. Its not just the resorts where you will find pulsating nightlife. There are numerous nightclubs which offer double parties and u can get smashed down and party till midnight so I would suggest that you pick up a different venue each day. Though most of the resorts have nightclubs but there are two names which are known for the best parties in Cancun. They are Oasis Cancun and Rio Cancun.

I found just the right accommodation options for your trip:

Michael asks…

all- inclusive family resort, with NO spring breakers for spring break?

I am traveling with my husband and 2 daughters, 14 & 10 for spring break. I want somewhere Allinclusive that does not allow the “Spring Break crowd” Any suggestions? Thanks!

Tijuana answers:

What you mean is no singles from 18 to 25? Hard to do but many offer family areas. They also offer an adult area so your children are separated. I have heard great reports about Crown Paradise as being a family orientated hotel.
Boulevard KukulkanKm. 18.5
lote 58, Zona Hotelera, Cancun, Quintana Roo 77500
Check there web site out. I also included another site “family” check it out and select F.A.Q.
Now have you thought about Playa del Carmen as an option? We miss most of the spring breakers but we get a lot of family’s because of the set up here unlike any other area in Mexico.We are located an hour south of Cancun and here everything is walkable and safe for kids both on the beach and as they stroll down the famous 5th. Ave. Which is never over two blocks to the beach. Here you can walk the whole beach and we have a few roped off swimming areas and life guards alone the beach. Playacar is located to the south of us and is the hotel zone area but it is a ways from Playa and I do not recommend Playacar as staying right in Playa is more convenient. Imagine walking 5TH Av with 100s of stores selling everything you could imagine from around the world.And if the kids get hungry a Burger King, MacDonalds, or Subway are on the way. WalMart is within walking distance from 5th Av. My two sons grew up here and I always knew they were safe on 5th av. You are in the heart of the Mayan riviera and close to all the attractions.
Hope this helps got another question just ask or contact me directly as I will get back to you.
Live in playa del carmen

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