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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico For Spring Break

George asks…

What travel companies(like StudentCity)hire people to work spring break in places such as Cancun.?

Student City flies people for free to Cancun to work for 2 weeks on spring break.
They pay $150 per week & give them an all inclusive resort to stay at during employment.
I’m looking for other companies that do the same, or even relevantly the same. Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

Can you give me a link that says Student city does such a thing. I would be very surprised if there are any more and even more surprised if Student City can. What type of work is required and for whom?
Mexican law is quite specific about that and nothing renumerable can be done in Mexico while there on an FMM tourist permit.
I can depend on who is paying you and the type of work you are doing.

Daniel asks…

How strictly is the drinking age enforced in ‘all-inclusive’ resorts in Mexico?

I will be 17 years old when I go to a resort in Cabo for this upcoming spring break. I’m curious if I will be able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two.

Tijuana answers:

Yes they will check id especially during spring break. The clubs diffinately check the id so you won’t beable to go to skid roe cabo wabo and giigling marlin. I hope your parents are going with you if not what is wrong with your parents allowing you to go out of the country where all there is is drinking and partying and to allow you to go by yourself so you can party is pure stupidity. Don’t be too stupid or you are going to end up in jail and they do arrest alot of people during the spring break. I know about all the stuff cause I do have family that live there. Stay away from all the vendors offering drugs they are constantly trying to sell drugs on the street and they will arrest you and the police cary big machine guns or rifles unlike american police that just cary handguns.

Joseph asks…

Good Mexican Spring Break Resorts-Close To Border?

Me and 4 of my best friends are planning on going to Mexico for spring break in April. We are looking at allinclusive resorts, and we want to stay fairly close to the border (under 100 miles into Mexico). What are some nice all inclusive resorts, and prices would be nice.

Tijuana answers:

The closer you are to the border the less likely you will find good all inclusive. San Carlos and Rocky point. The Baja you have Rosarita or Ensenada. They are simply Not as good as CSL, Mazatlan. PV Aca Cancun

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