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All Inclusive Resorts In Mexico Playa Del Carmen

Joseph asks…

Upgrade to platinum Suite at Grand sunset princess which is in playa del Carmen in cancun?

Well we got a deluxe junior Suite, and we saw that the platinum Suite is wayyy better, so could you tell me how to upgrade from junior deluxe Suite to platinum??

Name of hotel is: Grand sunset princess

location, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Mexico.

Tijuana answers:

Cancun has Nothing to do with Playa del Carmen. They are two separate cities in Quintana Roo Yucatan.
The address of the Grande Sunset Princess and Grande Riviera Princess all inclusive resort is Punta Bete KM 296 Carettera Chetumel Playa del Carmen 77710.
To change accomodations can be difficult at times. You can go to the desk and have it taken care of in the Off Season. In peak times you will be fortunate if they hold your room lol I t`s a Joke.
Give this number a call Mon -Fri 9:30 am -6 pm to change your accomodations. 1-305-604-7880

David asks…

what is a good airport transfer from cancun airport to Playa del carmen?

has anyone rented a car from cancun airport? any problems?

Tijuana answers:

Unless you know the area, renting a car can be a pain. If you have an all inclusive package ( flight and resort ) transfers should be included. If you have booked flight and resort separately, check with your resort. Some do have a shuttle service at an extra charge. The price my be more expensive than booking ahead with the airport transfer. Here is the airport transfer web site. Http://

The shuttles used by the hotels and resorts for transportation to and from the airport are through different companies that are allowed on the airport property, such as Lomus and Mexico Cancun. I have used both.

Thomas asks…

Good Value All Inclusive Resort in Mexico?

My boyfriend and I want to go on a vacation in Mexico. We are in our early 20s and are looking for something fun with lots of activities such as snorkelling and sea life encounters. We’d like to stay as far under $3,000 as possible. Any ideas?
Oh, and we will be flying out of Dallas and staying 6 nights. Would a travel agent be cheaper?

Tijuana answers:

My husband and I went to the Palace Resort in Playa del Carmen. It is less than $3k, I think about $2500 right now. That would include your airfare (we’re in Dallas, too). The food was excellent, the rooms were beautiful, and there were many activities included. I loved this hotel and wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

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