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Ensenada Mexico

Paul asks…

I have Hong Kong passport, do I need visa to cruise to Ensenada Mexico?

Tijuana answers:

You do not need a passport if you enter to Mexico from USA, BUT ONLY TO A MEXICAN BORDER CITY like TIJUANA or MEXICALI if you want go to another city in the middle of MEXICO you must have visa. Another way mexican immigration officers do not ask you for passport is when you visit coast cities in a cruise ship.
Also you may visit WWW pages of Mexico Government Oficces like
I hope that this information would be useful to you, Mexico is a beautiful and big country to visit, do not forget to go to ixtapa, zihuatanejo, acapulco, Mexico City and most of all the amazing Mayan area of Cancun.

Robert asks…

party places in ensenada mexico?

Tijuana answers:


Helen asks…

Can you drive to Ensenada, Mexico for the weekend from San Diego with a recently expired U.S. Passport?

My U.S. passport expired a month ago. I’m planning to drive to Ensenada, Mexico from San Diego. Will I experience any difficulty coming back to the U.S.? It now takes 6 -8 weeks to receive a new passport.


Tijuana answers:

Socceref is correct. Currently, to DRIVE to Mexico , you do not need a passport. You do need one to FLY. As early as Jan. 2008, you will need a passport for land travel to and from Mexico. See first website below to read the passport law, and 2nd website for onfo on applying for passports. It is currently taking at least 4 and one half months to get a passport. Hve a great trip!

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