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Ensenada Mexico

Mark asks…

I heard it is unsafe to go on a cruise to Mexico. There’s a 4 day cruise?

to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico. Is Ensenada a safe Mexican city to go to on a cruise ? Is Ensenada by the beach ?

Tijuana answers:

Yo9u can hear all kinds of unfounded, ridiculous rumors. Do you actually think a cruise line would be stupid enough to take passengers to an unsafe destination? Would they stay in business in they did such a thing? A cruise to Ensenada is just fine. Yes, there are beaches there.

Sandra asks…

If we don’t book an excursion with the cruise do we have to stay on the ship?

We will be going on a Carnival cruise that ports at Ensenada, Mexico but, none of the planned excursions sound fun or worth the money. Can we explore on our own?

Tijuana answers:

Yes, of course you can and many people do just that. Some just walk around while others book excursions not with the ship, but through a private company. Also when you get off the ship you will encounter offers for all kind of excursions that are much cheaper then what the ship offers. If you go to you will get a ton of ideas on what to do in a port. BTW, Ensenada is one port that I personally would not just walk around unless you stay right at the port. It’s not very safe and they will even tell you that while your on the ship, so be for warned and be careful.

Donna asks…

Going on a cruise in a week: any tips or advice?

I’m going on a 4 day 3 night cruise to San Diego, Catalina Island, and Ensenada, Mexico with Royal Caribbean on the Monarch of the Seas.

Any general cruising tips/advice or about the destinations?

I’m 18 btw, so I won’t be drinking or gambling.

Tijuana answers:

I’m going on the same cruise in 2 weeks. Save me some dessert ; )

San Diego Old Town is fun. Catalina is beautiful. I’m taking the scenic drive excursion this time, maybe the submarine tour. The glass bottom boat tour is excellent for the cost. Ensenada is pure south of the border. I have done the blow hole, winery and city tour. When I first did them they were combined, all for $25. Now they are separate. Just remember to tell the hawkers on the streets “No, gracias” and keep walking. You’ll be fine and have a great time.

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