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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

Michael asks…

Rosarito Beach in Mexico?

Were thinking of headin to Tijuana or Rosarito for a few days and I heard Rosarito is a better option? Were catching the trolley to the boarder then walking into tijuana then getting a taxi to rosarito… would that be easy / safe? Is Rosarito and Tijuana safe? And is there alot of shopping in Rosarito?

Tijuana answers:

You will find more answers than you have questions for at . Click through the tags you’re interested in.

The main drag of Rosarito, Bulevár Juárez, is more of a tourist trap than is the bulk of Tijuana these days. Ensenada is even less of a tourist trap than the other two. Tijuana is the most cosmopolitan of the three cities no matter what the pochos north of the border might say.

George asks…

TEENS:Do you know where Ensenada is? or do you know something about it?

It’s in Mexico but do you know where? And If so, how?

Tijuana answers:

It’s under Rosarito.
It’s a beach city.
There’s a lot of traffic. The food is absolutely delicious.
The fruit they sell on the beach is yummy.
It’s crowded. 😀
There’s some random info

William asks…

Beach Bar, Mexico West side?

Me and a friend are planning to take a vacation in mexico for a couple of days. We want to go to a place where there have a bar on the beach and not to shady and not to public! We are driving from San Diego. Do any one have a good recommendation.

Tijuana answers:

I think you will find Ensenada a good place or Rosarito both a little south of Tijuana.

No temporary Car Permit required. Thanks to Gulfport Bob you do need to buy a Mexican insurance policy or you may be in Mexico for a lot longer that you anticpated!! Seguro!! Salut Bob!! UD tiene razon!! Yo casi olvide!!


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