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Ensenada Mexico Beaches

John asks…

is it safe to go to mexico?

we planning on going next month to puerto vallarta for a couple days than heading to mazatlan for the carnaval on fat tuesday than we goin to cabo san lucas for a few days and our last stop will be ensenada and rosarito…we will be traveling by plane and also boat..its gonna be like 11 of us and we have 3 mexican americans with us that speak spanish..the rest of us are white..everybody i know from my family is insisting that i shouldnt take this trip cuz they say mexico is very dangerous but my mexican friends tell me the tourist areas are safe..if anybody has recently been to mex in or around the areas i mentioned please give me the 411?

Tijuana answers:

Mazatlán has become more dangerous recently. Sinaloa, where Mazatlán is located, is one of the most dangerous states. You can easily be robbed in Mazatlán, but so far drug violence has not erupted on the beach itself. The Mazatlán Carnival is considered one of the best and largest after Rio, New Orleans and Veracruz. In the major hotels and in most businesses where tourists go they speak English, probably better than your Mexican-American friends speak Spanish.
No idea what the 411 is , but I live and travel extensively in Mexico.
Mazatlán is my favorite Mexican Pacific beach. Much cleaner than most, although there can be a gasolinish scent in the water because it is a port.

James asks…

From Los Angeles to Rosarito Beach….?

I need some directions and help from somebody been at Rosarito Beach… I want to know where will be the best place to stay on the beach for a weekend, eat lobster, and safe driving directions from Los Angeles.

Tijuana answers:

Cool…now this is a question i can totally answer.

I use to live in LA and now live in SD and i go to Rosarito all th time. Ok so you have to to somehow get to the 5 freeway….if your coming from the middle of LA then you’ll just take the 5 all the way…if you’re coming from the south bay area, you can take the 05 south to the 43 south (toll road) to the 5 south.

Once you cross the border into Mexico…. Keep your eyes open…and be very alert, everyone drives crazy in Mexico, and they don’t respect the lanes. You’ll go onto the bridge the very first off ramp, a turnabout at the right will take you there. Stay on the right lane, all the way up the hill side. You’ll know you’re in the right direction because you’ll see the border at your right hand side. At the very to of the hill, youll see a sign that says Ensenada/Rosarito, instructing you to go o he right at he fork in the road. Just keep following the signs…remember keep your eyes peeled.

You’ll pass a toll booth, i believe its $2.40 (dollars). Keep going forward an you’ll see a sign for Rosarito, get off on that off ramp. Keep going straight, about 6-8 blocks you’ll begin to see “the strip”. Which will be hotels restaurants and stores on both sides.

So now you can do one of two things in regards to a hotel…try to get the best deal at the smaller hotels, for a mediocre room, or go straight towards the ed of th strip, and enter “The Rosarito Beach Hotel”. It is absolutely the best hotel on the strip, and also the most expensive. But is has great rooms, two pools, and a private entrance onto the beach. If you go to the big hotel next door which is the “Festival Plaza” be prepared to be woken up by drunken 18 year olds at all times of the night.

Now for lobster…you have to go to Puerto Nuevo,which is about 2 towns over, approximately 15 minutes out. Keep gong on the strip past the Rosarito Beach hotel. If you go on the scenic route which is basically the road all along the ocean, and you see all the small towns on the right hand side, keep your eyes open, and you’ll see “Puerto Nuevo” written on an entrance arc at the entrance of the town. If you go on the via rapida (freeway) you’ll pay another toll, but shortly after paying you will see a sign on the right that says “Puerto Nuevo” . Thats were you’ll exit and it’ll be on your left. You can either try to get the best deal for your meal from the many people on the street, you can go to one of the restaurants on the ocean side and get a great view of the ocean, but the lobster will be more expensive, or you can go to the first restaurant on your left hand side, as per their lobster, its nothing special, it has no view, but for some reason, everyone goes here. You an even sometimes find a line wrapping around the block.

If your afraid of driving into Mexico, which a lot of people are…and i wouldn’t blame you but I’m a big risk taker and ready for an adventure….you can always just park your car at the border before entering, just get off at the last exit before the border, and go straight, the parking lot is at the right. You can walk across the border, and where the taxis are, there will be buses also, around there will be some that take you to Rosarito. The hotel in which you will stay at, will more than likely have shuttles going to puerto nuevo, anyways a taxi wont be that expensive either.

Ok thats all i have to say…. Definitely go to Papas and Beer, and Club Iggys, If your a big meat eater theres this restaurant on the strip, on the same side of he street as the rosarito beach hotel, it has a western motif/decoration on the outside. They have exotic meats, elk, deer, ostrich buffalo, etc.

Ok now, thats all i have to say…have fun!

Joseph asks…

A vacation trip to Baja California, Mexico?

With all those drug wars and killings, should I be concern in the area which I will be vacationing?

Tijuana answers:

Depends on the area. Personally, I’m not real crazy about Baja North from the border to Ensenada.
I’d much prefer South Baja.
We usually fly into Cabo, rent a car and drive all over Baja South from Cabo to La Paz, Todas Santos, East Cape, Pacific beachs, San Jose del Cabo, etc….
A good place to ask about current conditions is this website. Check out their forums and ask your question there. It’s usually supported by Baja aficionados so the info comes from frequent Baja travelers and those that live there, either part time or permanently.
Have fun…drive safely…
Be sure they reset the dials on the pump to zero before they pump your gas. Otherwise you’ll end up paying for your gas and their last customers gas!!!
ALTO means STOP in the Spanish-English dictionary but in reality it’s usually slow down a bit, look both ways sometimes and go through. Be careful at intersections…..all intersections.

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