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Carol asks…

where do I find death notices for americans dying in mexico?

i have a cousin that supposedly died in mexico last year. she is not on the ssdi as of feb 22, do i find out if she is really dead?

Tijuana answers:

Try the web sites below, both are free to search but some of the sites google will find might need a subscription.

Hope this helps

Good luck and good hunting

Donald asks…

Are there any affordable destinations in the Caribbean or Mexico flying from Atlanta or Charlotte?

I was doing research on going to Cancun Mexico for 5 days. I can just about afford the hotel and activities, but from what I can tell so far the flights would be an additional $1,000 for my husband and I, and that puts us past the realm of possibility. Do you know of any beachy locales outside the United States that have more affordable flights? We can fly from Atlanta, GSP, or Charlotte.
Travel dates are any time in June.

Any helpful advice is appreciated, thanks!

Tijuana answers:

Flights from Atlanta to Cancun seem to be the least expensive. They run around $350/person during the periods of June 2-6 and 3-7. The prices tend to dip in the beginning of the month. There are some flights under $300/person to Puerto Rico from Atlanta.

A great resource for comparing flight prices is This shows all the flights available and compares the cost of tickets at different times. If you click the calendar button next to the depart/return fields, it brings up a graph with the prices over the course of a few months.

Also, set-up price alerts through sites like to be notified via email when the prices drop for your potential departure/return dates.

This article provides some good tips:

You might also want to contact a travel agent as they know the best times to go different places.

Hope this helps!
Lara the Librarian-to-be
(Remember to visit your local library!)

Jenny asks…

What are some good and cheap water parks in new mexico?

My and my friends want to go to a nice a water park but we each can only provide about $25.00. We live in southern new mexico. I would also like for you to include the name of a hotel to stay at that is also cheap and near the water park. Some features we are looking for are water slides, a wave pool,a lazy river, and more slides.

Tijuana answers:

Hi there, why dont you combine the two and look for a hotel with a water park?could you be more precise as to where in new mexico you are..then maybe we can help a little better..have fun..


regards pops..

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