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Google Mexico Cartel

Donald asks…

Why doesn’t the UN or NATO do something about the cartels in Mexico?

If they went in and conducted peace keeping missions wouldn’t it curb the violence?
Also, wouldn’t this reduce illegal immigration? Obviously people are fleeing that country
because of violence, overcrowding and lack of good employment. If the United States
really cares about their Southern neighbor, shouldn’t our government do more to stop the
cartels from murdering so many innocent Mexicans?

Tijuana answers:

Most arms smuggled into Mexico come from US, also the money to keep cartels working…, US started tu import drugs mostly during Vietnam, then it became a good business (on both sides, ours and overseas), recently we pretend to be surprised about Mexican violence, but it isn’t that bad either, there are 2 million US citizens living in Mexico (including myself), to tell you the truth I feel safer now (In Ajijic, Chapala) than I used to in Houston…

New Orleans or Detroit for example are far more dangerous than most Mexican cities (search for the 10 most dangerous cities in the world on google and be surprised)

Laura asks…

Has anybody been to either La Paz or Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on the Baja Peninsula?

How was it? Is it safe to go there? How are the hotties?

Tijuana answers:

I was just there a couple of months ago, mostly in Cabo but did go to La Paz for a day trip. I was my first time and loved it. Not cheap but beautiful beaches and resort hotels. I stayed at the Fiesta Americana Grand, highly recommend it, really took care of me. Rented a care because it was cheaper than cabs because they are expensive. For example, one way cab ride from my hotel to Cabo marina downtown was $20 US. A daily rental was $50. It was very safe in the the tourist area but outside there was a shoot out between cartel and solders, You can drive on a toll safe highway from Cabo to La Paz under 3 hours. Worth visiting even if you go for the day. Google images of la paz beaches. Really a hidden jewel!

Carol asks…

Is it safe for Chinese tourists to visit America’s border with Mexico? What about the drug war there?

Tijuana answers:

The border with Mexico is a place that see’s a lot of traffic in drugs. The drug cartels bring drugs into the us using donkeys a name for people that on their back carry drugs into the US. The drug suppliers will kill the donkeys if they lose their cargo. So they will do anything to protect it. If that means killing a innocent person to them that is OK. For this reason the border area is not safe. If you travel deeper into Mexico you are much safer.

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