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Google Mexico Cartel

John asks…

why is the drug cartel in mexico so important?

who runs this mexico drug cartel and why is it a huge problem in the u.s,
and what kind of drugs are they using?
can someone please help me i’m doing an outline on the mexican drug cartel and i’m not finding any help on google thank you.

Tijuana answers:

.Search ShortcutAnderson Cooper On Drug Mexico Cartel – Video Results
Play Video Play Video Play Video
.search resultsAnderson Cooper 360 :Drug cartel member interview 1 – YouTubeAnderson Cooper interviews a Mexican drug cartel member. … Fast & Furious is the US gov getting caught sending weapons to Mexico. Get real if you have … – Cached.Play Video.more results from »Inside a drug cartel – Anderson Cooper 360 – Blogs
Anderson Cooper interviews a Mexican drug cartel member. … Dear Anderson, Thought you would be back from Mexico by now. What is still …

Nancy asks…

Now that the Obama regime is running guns to drug cartels has the US officially become a banana republic?

For all you libbies that missed the Katie Couric special on CBS and demand to see proof all you have to do is google operation gun runner.

Tijuana answers:

An operation that obscene and wide spread cannot be operating by accident. Despite repeated warnings from many different and independent sources the ATF failed to act to curtail the activity (large scale automatic weapons being sold to individuals). That can only exist in a culture of corruption that is wide spread within our executive branch of government. Yes, The department of justice is part of the executive branch. The US Attorney General Eric Holder is responsible, but the ultimate responsibility is the president. His policies and lack of oversight and failure to set policies that are in accordance with law is the direct cause of this deplorable situation.
A single gun shop in Glendale, Arizona sold over 1000 assault weapons and hand guns to three individuals within a 6 month period. The buyers signed papers that the the weapons were for personal use. Many of those weapons have been found at crime scenes in Mexico where it is suspected that drug cartel warriors had fought over area control and left many innocent people shot to death.

Chris asks…

What is something important happening in Latin America?

I dont really need details just a topic sentence I can google.
Thank you.

Tijuana answers:

Trade deals with China and the US.

Someone is challenging Chavez in Venezuela.

The ongoing war Columbia is having with FARC.

Drug cartels are ruining Mexico.

Carnival season is about to start.

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